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Cosmic Cappuccino Weekly Zodiac

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AshevilleAries – Hey hot head, it’s time to cool down. Mars has entered spooky Scorpio, but don’t worry, you still have your intense energy, just lighten up. Try looking at things from new perspectives this week. What could you have less of in your life this week?

Taurus – Stay strong, little bull! Venus is still in Virgo, but we have a lot of planets in Scorpio as well as the sun. To keep yourself cozy and hardworking, why don’t you try a new recipe for hot cocoa this week while you work on your passions?

Gemini – Hello, fun-loving friend! I know karma is knocking at your front door as Mercury enters revengeful Scorpio. Try breathwork during this eye-opening time. If you’re a Gemini who has stayed in good graces and doesn’t need to learn any lessons, just relax and accept the truths about people in your life. Go with the flow.

Cancer – Congratulations, Cancer! You have a full beautiful moon coming up this Saturday in your friendly sign of Taurus. Enjoy every drop of it. Bask in the balance! Take this week for some self-care. The energy must feel nice since you’re surrounded by all this watery, balancing energy of the bull.

Leo – Loving lion, welcome to Scorpio season! Your planet, the sun, has transitioned to this watery and spooky sign. But don’t forget your luxurious style. Start gathering your gorgeous Halloween costume that I know you have planned. We can’t wait to watch you strike a pose in it.

Virgo – Still soaking up the sweetness of Libra, are you? This is great for you. As half of our planets, including the sun, move into Scorpio, try breaking your plans just a tad. Relax and give in to this transitional time. Buy a new journal and start writing down your manifestations for how you want your life to look.

Libra – Your lovely planet, Venus, is still rolling around in Virgo, but we still have a lot of moving energy in the sky. Most of our planets are in retrograde, transitions on top of transitions. But you work well with this energy; you find beauty in change. Try calling a friend who is less skilled at this and give a little support to someone you love.

Scorpio – It’s all about you, honey. Practically, most of the sky wants to hang out with you. But don’t get overwhelmed by your own energy. Enjoy the limelight. You deserve it! Enjoy the tail end of your season by going out with some of the friends you cherish.

Sagittarius – Our little partygoer, I’m sure you have a list of Halloween parties you will make appearances at this upcoming week, but save it for the weekends and don’t stray from your ambitions. Keep your schedule and your hard work going. Find your balance.

Capricorn – Hey, Mr. Strongman, it’s time to soften up. The energy may feel unstable right now with your powerhouse planet being in the soft and emotional sign of swimming Pisces in retrograde. Take a deep breath and remember that this is meant to be for your own emotional health. Try making a gratitude list for all the stable things you love in your life.

Aquarius – Right now, you’re seeing the truth about the structures and need for structure in your life, which I think you might love more than you realize, dear alien. With bull-headed Taurus in your main planet of Uranus, much of what I just said is coming to light for you. Remind yourself that it’s okay to change your mind from time to time.

Pisces – What a watery soul you are! I bet you’re swimming in the watery energy of your friend Scorpio and basking in your own deep, sinking energy with Neptune in your sign of Pisces. But as we enter your opposite season of winter, try to not let it make you feel so blue. Consider doing a quick search online to look for a lightbox, which can help prevent any potential blues during this season. Keep in mind that winter can be a time for introspection and embracing your inner world. Allow yourself to dive deeper into your emotions and find solace in the enchanting realm of your imagination. Take this time to nurture your creative side and explore the depths of your dreams and aspirations.