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Cosmic Cappuccino

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Asheville – Embark on a stellar voyage through the zodiac with “Cosmic Cappuccino,” the newest weekly column in the Tribune Papers. Delve into the celestial mysteries and unlock the secrets written in the stars. With caution, consideration, and a generous dash of excitement, “Cosmic Cappuccino” invites you to explore the vast horizons of possibility within your reach.

Taking Agency Aries

Happy full moon fiery lil ram, the moonlight is all on you. With your ruling planet Mars in the sweet and soft sign of Libra. For once, it’s okay to make it all about you. Treat yourself to a day this week that’s dedicated all to your self-care.

Be Beautiful Taurus

The tolerant Taurus! Tried and true. Ride or die. What would make do without you? With your home planet Venus in the loud Leo sign, it’s okay to ask for a little attention. Come out of your cozy homes and stand out, be bold, and laugh a little louder this week to validate your presence.

Giggling Geminis

I know you’re happy to take a deep breath now that Mercury has gone direct. Actually, very direct in the sign of Virgo. After your rough month, try adding some logical rituals to your everyday life that help you feel grounded. Life can be one crazy ride.

Careful Cancer

What a caring crab you are! But try your best not to forget to care about yourself. With your constantly changing planet, the Moon, transitioning to full in the rowdy sign of Aries. The scary bloody full moon. Why don’t you manage this intense energy in safe places with the people you trust the most?

Luxurious Leo

What a bright and bold time you must be having. Your bright planet, the Sun, is in sweet Libra. Not to mention sensual Venus is lounging around in your part of the night sky. Make all things about your life Venusian. Think sensual, love, grace, beauty, and kindness. You would be wise to show yourself some love and put yourself out there. Take center stage like you were born to do.

Victorious Virgo Maiden

The now vibrant Virgo. Much like Gemini, your planet Mercury just got out of retrograde. Hopefully, your anxiety is giving you a break. But if not, try to set yourself a strong routine constantly for about a week just to take an extra step to even out your nervous system.

Lovely Libra

Hello sweet friends of the cosmos! Truly beautiful beings. The sense of femininity you bring to every room is gracious and refreshing. But never forget your balance. With your planet Venus in bold Leo and Mars resting in Libra part of the sky, try your best not to stroke your ego. Practice grateful thoughts every morning with your cup of coffee.

Circling Scorpio

Secretly sweet and sensitive Scorpio, with your planet Pluto in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, a lot of your rusty, unhelpful structure in your life has fallen apart. It may not feel like this, but it’s all for the best. Do what you do best, go inward. Come up with new pillars for your life that will truly help you achieve the goals you truly desire. Try your best not to overstimulate yourself. Try staying at home or in a safe place where you can think clearly.

Archer with Aim (Sagitarrius)

Hey scurrying Sagittarius! It’s not an adventure unless you’re around, that’s for sure. But to be able to do as many fun things as possible, we gotta have a plan. No one wants to hold you back. We love to watch your wild fire grow. With your planet Jupiter in retrograde sitting in the stable sign of Taurus, this is a great time to reflect on what healthy balance looks like in your life, especially in your home life!

Catering Capricorn

A great mountain goat! Don’t forget your stoic strength. Your ruling planet Saturn being tossed in retrograde under the watery sign of Pisces. Secrets may float to the surface in your life somewhere. This instability may very easily stress you. If you start to feel overwhelmed, try journaling, laying off the morning coffee, and nighttime wines. Just for a week, cowboy!

Awakened Aquarius

The beautiful aliens of this earth, but I am sure you’re more focused on your planet Uranus, which will finish the year out in retrograde stationed in Taurus. Be smart with your money. I know we can trust your stoic streak to keep an eye out for that. But take the time to reflect on your finances. What are your morals surrounding money? Take some time to visit a financial advisor if you have any puzzling questions.

Particular Pisces

Perfect Pisces, with your swirling and spiritual minds. Things are definitely swirling in your life. With your planet Neptune in retrograde in Pisces and the fathering planet of Saturn being in retrograde in Pisces. There’s not a lot of stable energy out there that you can lean on while you and the world go through this transformative time. Try journaling about your personal spiritual beliefs. Why do you believe what you believe in? And do they follow a moral compass?