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Celestial Glimpses

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Asheville – Aries-Hey fiery one! Chiron the small planet of the wounded, is still in your sign of Aries in retrograde. With all this reflection you had going on the past couple months, Scorpio being in your planet of mars, you’re seeing karma unfold in your life. But as mercury goes in too Sagittarius. Things will feel calmer for you with more fiery energy in the cosmos.

Tarsus-Give yourself some love little bull. Libra will be entering Venus in the middle of this week. Making things feel calmer for you this week. You might get some good news somewhere in your life. But remember Jupiter and Uranus are still in retrograde in your part of the sky, so don’t forget your goals, keep working hard.

Gemini-Finally you get a breather. You where being served a lot of karma the past month. Mercury will transition in to Sagittarius, making the energy around you feel more engaging is a way that makes you feel soothed and fun. Draw yourself a bath and appreciate the strength you poses, that got you through that past month.

Cancer-All that’s waiting for you this week is shining feminine energy. The Moon will start in Leo, transition to Virgo and end in libra. All while gently fading to the dark sky, great for transformations, New beingings for self care and love.

Leo-I am sure by now your itching for some fun, the season has been cold and watery as the sun has been in Scorpio. But when you feel restless, remember the winter is our time to heal and lick our wounds. But we start our week with the moon in leo this week. Bask in the nighttime light and cater to your feminine energy.

Virgo-With your brain being tickled this last week get ready to relax some and prepare for some change. Midweek the moon will transition to virgo, try your best go with the flow and be open to new things that may come your way in your life.

Libra-Time for peace, Venus will be in your part of the sky this week. The energy of comfort is on its way to you. Time with friends with feel more accomplishable with Mercury transitioning to Sagittarius. Make time for good conversations over good cups of coffee this week.

Scorpio-How have you been enjoying your season? Nice and spooky? As we prepare for sagittarius season, the intensity in the air lessens. Especially as Mercury transitions too sagittarius. Bringing forth the feeling of fun.

Sagittarius- You have been focused on your goals since winter has started Which is for the best. You’re about to get some for validation for valiant efforts in your work. Venus will transition in to sweet libra this week, prompting you to give your self a treat for all the hard work you have done.

Capricorn-Take a deep calming breath, your planet has safely gone direct. You have learned your lessons and paid your karma, Treat yourself this week to a massage, I am sure your nerves have been through it this past month. Things are looking up for for you.

Aquarius-Things might feel a bit lighter in the air, One your stoic fatherly planets, Saturn, That rules over you has gone direct. Making the energy around Karma feel smooth. Your other ruling planet, Uranus. Is still in retrograde in the sturdy sign of Taurus, Making you have a structured approach on how you view and love your self, ask yourself what gives you a quality feeling in your personal life.

Pisces- Enjoy this energy shift has Saturn in Pisces transitions out of retrograde and goes direct. You have learned your lessons. But there is slight heaviness in the air since Neptune is till in retrograde in your sign of Pisces. Making you rethink your beliefs and how you speak to your self, Now that you have gone through some karma and learned some lessons.