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Cosmic Cappuccino

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AshevilleAries: I hope you’re enjoying your time cooling off. Scorpio is still with your fiery planet Mars. Chiron is in your part of the sky, so keep laying low, journaling, and healing your past.

Taurus: I bet you feel better now that your big full moon has passed. Take a deep breath, things are going to be less intense. Keep to your routine but give yourself some rest as the chill in the air thickens.

Gemini: I know you have probably been through a lot with Scorpio in your flirty planet Mercury, and your karma has been around you lately. But things are about to lighten a tad as all the planets begin to shift to their next stage this week.

Cancer: How did you love that luxurious full moon, Moon Mama? I hope you feel refreshed! You’re likely to feel that energy dwindle as the moon phase begins to fade, but hold onto the joy you have gained over this last week.

Leo: I hope you had fun planning the cutest spooky activities during October. You’re always the life of the party. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. People always come to you for cheer when things get bumpy, but please don’t forget about yourself. Do something that fills you with love this week. Maybe treat yourself to some shopping.

Virgo: Our smart, little lady! Beauty and brains. Hopefully, you picked up a good book last week since Venus was in Virgo and your planet Mercury was in Scorpio. Lots of energy for intellectual thinking. But things are starting to shift with Venus this week to have a more luxurious feel.

Libra: Giving yourself a break is in the near future. You have been self-reflecting, pondering life, and seeing where healing needs to happen. But Venus is starting to transition out of Virgo this week, which will soon bring a more romantic feel. I would love to see you plan a solo date night just for yourself.

Scorpio: Take a deep breath. Isn’t it interesting how the energy is always the most intense during the month of your birthday? But our full moon in Taurus is starting to settle down. So enjoy the rest of your season by doing something relaxing yet mind-provoking.

Sagittarius: I know it’s been hard for you to be so disciplined these past couple of weeks, but remember discipline helps us achieve our goals. However, I could never ask my fun-loving Sags to not enjoy themselves. As the cold starts to freeze, why don’t you start looking for an ice-skating rink for you and your friends to enjoy sometime this month?

Capricorn: The truth has been rising to the surface for you, which is great, but it has probably made you feel unsteady. Saturn is starting to transition to going direct during this week, helping you take a deep breath. Stay strong and stick to your routine to stand in your truth.

Aquarius: Things might have felt wobbly for you since both your planets Uranus and Saturn have been in retrograde. Saturn will soon go direct, helping you feel more stable. With this calming energy, take a day off. Grab some junk food and enjoy some precious alone time.

Pisces: You have been swimming in all this watery energy and basking in our full moon. Hopefully, your dreams haven’t been too odd from all this illusionist energy. There are a handful of planets in your part of the sky, and some will be going direct, which should calm the energy. You may feel it and it may potentially cause some anxiety. But remember, this shift is needed. If you feel overwhelmed, call a friend and share your fears. You deserve a friend just as good as you.