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Momentum Gallery Exhibits John Cleaveland

MỘT NÓI TUỜNG NHỚ Oil on aluminum panel 60 x 60 inches 61 x 61 inches framed.Dans la rue sans joie Thùa Thiên, Hue province, Vietnam. By John L. Cleaveland.

Asheville – Momentum Gallery, nestled in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, is currently showcasing a mesmerizing exhibit that pays homage to the timeless talent of contemporary artist John L. Cleaveland, Jr. Renowned for his awe-inspiring, realistic oil paintings, Cleaveland skillfully captures iconic southern scenes, as well as breathtaking pastoral landscapes stretching across the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

With a remarkable career spanning over four decades, Cleaveland unveils an artistic ethos intimately tied to the virtues of patience. He imbues this virtue not only into his subjects, but also within himself, expertly channeling a unique perspective that effectively resonates with viewers. The artist’s unwavering dedication to cultivating fresh outlooks every single day creates an engaging dialogue between himself and his audience, profoundly enhancing the emotional resonance of his work.

A focal point of Momentum Gallery’s current exhibition is Cleaveland’s newest series of oils, which brilliantly shines a light on the captivating terrain of Vietnam. As a contemporary realist hailing from Georgia, Cleaveland embarked on two immersive journeys to the Southeast Asian country this year, meticulously documenting historically significant areas marked by conflict. Each painting he presents boasts an awe-inspiring attention to detail, exuding a palpable sense of grit and energy, beckoning viewers to immerse themselves within the vivid landscapes he has lovingly captured.

In addition to Cleaveland’s masterpieces, Momentum Gallery plays host to the awe-inspiring “Nocturne” exhibition, featuring an all-star lineup of esteemed artists such as Topher Straus, Stephen Paul Day, and Christina Bothwell. This extraordinary collection, showcasing an array of paintings, cyanotypes, sculptures, and original prints, invites visitors to embark on a captivating journey exploring the captivating drama and enigmatic allure of the night. Illuminated by both the moon and artificial lights, these remarkable artworks breathe life into shapes emerging from the darkness, infusing the nocturnal scenes with a captivating sense of magic and intrigue. The exhibition enchantingly runs until February 3rd, serving as a beacon for art enthusiasts seeking a mesmerizing experience.

Moreover, Momentum Gallery also presents a diverse exhibition of intimately scaled works by both gallery artists and special guests, deftly exploring compelling themes of materiality, nature, and socio-political commentary. Artists such as Davis Choun, Greg Sand, and Tim Tate take center stage, showcasing their respective stunning works. Choun’s expert constructions crafted from upcycled clothespins, Sand’s artful collages pieced together from vintage found photographs, and Tate’s fascinating Examiner Series, video-linked sculptures dissecting aspects of our contemporary world that feel “out of balance,” all stand out as highlights within this captivating exhibit. Visitors will undoubtedly be captivated by the innate sensibility and unwavering proficiency exhibited by these accomplished makers, as they boldly make their mark on Asheville’s vibrant art scene.

For those seeking an artistic journey like no other, look no further than Momentum Gallery, conveniently located at 52 Broadway in downtown Asheville. Step into a realm where masterful brushstrokes and captivating creativity intertwine, leaving visitors moved, inspired, and forever changed.