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Weaverville Reminds: No Duck Feeding Allowed

Image by Dighini from Pixabay

Weaverville – It appears that there are questions surrounding the death of ducks at Lake Louise in Weaverville, to the extent that the town took to its Facebook page to address the issue. In the post, Selena Coffey, Weaverville Town Manager, posted, “There seems to be much conversation about the ducks dying at Lake Louise this winter. The town is actively working to determine if there is a specific cause and has involved wildlife agencies.”

She continued, “However, this is not unusual given the time of year, as we have seen the same numbers of ducks dying in past winters. In addition, and it is very important to note – NO ONE should be feeding the ducks or geese at the Lake! This is prohibited, and we have fined people for this. Feeding these ducks bread and the like, although it [may] feel like the right thing to do, is very harmful to the ducks.”

She ends with, “Finally, please remember that these ducks do not only stay on the lake but also wander to other locations around the lake. Therefore, there is a good chance that they may be eating other harmful items when they visit surrounding homes looking for food. We will post more information when we receive confirmation from the appropriate wildlife officials. Thank you.”