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2024 Affordable Housing Summit

Shane Phillips, author of The Affordable City. Photo submitted.

Hendersonville – In a proactive effort to address the pressing issue of affordable housing in Hendersonville, the City’s Strategic Housing Plan Steering Committee is thrilled to announce the upcoming 2024 Affordable Housing Summit. Scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 16, 2024, from 5:30 PM to 7:45 PM at the Hendersonville High School auditorium, this free event aims to engage and mobilize the community in finding sustainable solutions to the housing crisis.

A highlight of the evening will be the esteemed presence of housing policy expert and author, Shane Phillips, who will share his insights and expertise on affordable housing strategies. With a strong background in research, public speaking, and consultation, Phillips currently leads the Housing Initiative at the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies. He is also known for hosting the UCLA Housing Voice Podcast and has contributed thought-provoking articles to reputable publications like the Los Angeles Times and Atlantic.

Phillips’ book, The Affordable City, outlines a comprehensive three-pronged approach to tackling the housing crisis: Supply, Stability, and Subsidies. Through his work, he offers over 50 actionable recommendations to advance these priorities and create more sustainable housing options for communities. With a wealth of experience in policy analysis and education, as well as a genuine passion for finding context-specific solutions, Phillips is poised to inspire and empower attendees at the summit.

The 2024 Affordable Housing Summit is not limited to a particular audience; rather, it welcomes nonprofit organizations, businesses, government officials, housing advocates, community members, and anyone dedicated to enhancing housing opportunities in Henderson County and the wider Western North Carolina region. Whether you are a longtime resident or considering a move to Hendersonville, your presence and participation at the summit are crucial in shaping the future of affordable housing in the area.

To stay updated on the summit details and learn more about the City of Hendersonville’s strategic housing plan development process, visit www.hvlnc.gov/housingplan. By joining forces at events like the Affordable Housing Summit and engaging in collaborative discussions, we can work towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant community for all residents. Be sure to mark your calendars for this transformative event and contribute your voice to the vital conversation on affordable housing in Hendersonville.