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Police Chief’s Retirement Party Bittersweet For Some

Above Davis takes a closer look at his new knife as Weaverville Town Manager holds the gift bag it came in. Photo by Clint Parker.

Weaverville – It was an emotional and memorable event for many individuals who gathered to celebrate the retirement of Weaverville Police Chief Ron Davis. The retirement party took place on Thursday (March 21) and was attended by members of the community, residents, and various law enforcement agencies. Chief Davis is bidding farewell to a career in law enforcement, specifically as the police chief of the Town of Weaverville.

During the party, heartfelt speeches were delivered, and special gifts were presented to Chief Davis in honor of his service. Weaverville Town Manager Selena Coffey, Weaverville Assistant Chief, and future Weaverville Chief of Police Somer Oberlin were among those who shared touching words, their voices filled with emotion. The gifts given to Chief Davis included a flag that had been flown over the White House, a unique combat knife, and a framed front page of the Tribune newspaper featuring a story about his initial appointment to the Weaverville position.

The retirement party was a fitting tribute to Chief Davis’s dedicated service and will be cherished as a lasting memory by all who attended.