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The Rest of March Meeting

Golf carts will now been seen on some roads in Weaverville. Photo by Mikhail Nilov.

WeavervilleEditor’s note: This is a continuation of last week’s article.

During the March meeting of the Weaverville Town Council, they heard from outgoing Police Chief Ron Davis and Eric Grau, Buncombe County, on a Public Safety Interoperability Partnership (PSIP) and a Central Date Entry (CDE) agreement. Davis told the council the police department had been working with the county for years on just a handshake agreement and that a formal agreement was needed.

Grau laid out what the town could expect from the county and what the county could expect from the town. “Basically, you pay for what you use, and you get what you pay for,” Grau told the council. He even had the CDE cost broken down per arrest, which is $29.57 per arrest. The model was developed in Greensboro, NC.

Weaverville Selena Coffey thanked Grau for his hard work, and with no questions, the council passed the agreement.

Next on the agenda was an update on the Northridge Farms Project given by Weaverville Town Attorney Jennifer Jackson. She said that the developer has asked to drop one of the requirements to the water commitment, which is that the water system would be a loop system. The council agreed to the request.

She also updated the council on the streets of the development, which are currently private, but a conversation is on going and they want to know what the council thought. Councilwoman Catherine Cordell said she was recently in a discussion about a bridge cost and was told it was $1.6 million. There was also a concern about sidewalks. Councilman Doug Jackson asked who would be footing the initial bridge and was told the developer. No action was taken on the issue.

The vote on annexation and zoning 9 Pleasant Grove Road was delayed at the developer’s request until the June meeting. Attorney Jackson then went back to 6 Pleasant Grove Road annexation and zoning, to which Cordell asked questions of Warn Suggs, the engineer on the project. After some discussion, the council passed the annexation.

The council also passed an amendment to the Environmental Regulations and Technical amendments and to allow golf carts operations on certain town streets at the Reems Creek Golf Course. The council also approved an Automatic Aid Agreement with Reems Creek Valley Fire Department due to annexations by the town, thus taking away revenue from Reems Creek. Therefore, this agreement will have the town pay to the Reems Creek Fire the sum of $45,000 annually, with such payment being due and payable in August of each year.

The town also awarded outgoing Chief Davis with his service badge and sidearm. The town could not give Davis the gun, but it was sold for the sum of $1, paid by Coffey out of change in her desk drawer.

The council then heard the public works report before dismissing the meeting.

Streets where golf carts now drive on?

Hillcrest Drive, Twin Courts Drive, Lakeway Circle, Meadowbrook Lane, Valley Drive, Crescent Court, Manor Way, Ridgemont Drive, Birkdale Drive, Preston Court, Hawtree Court, High Bluff Drive, High Meadow Drive, High Meadow Cove, Devonshire Drive, Courseview Drive, Highland Pointe Drive, Highland Pointe Court.