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City of Asheville Sanitation Implements Bear-Resistant Solutions

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Asheville – The City of Asheville Sanitation department is pleased to announce the acquisition of 340 additional bear-resistant trash carts to address wildlife management challenges in the community. These carts will be distributed to residents on the waiting list, with priority given to those who have been waiting the longest. Residents will be contacted by Sanitation staff to confirm their address and interest in receiving a bear cart.

This initiative underscores the City’s dedication to meeting the needs of its residents and fostering responsible waste management practices while promoting coexistence with wildlife. By expanding access to bear-resistant solutions, the City aims to enhance safety for both residents and wildlife in the area.

In addition to the bear-resistant trash carts, the City has approved the use of Ultimate Trash Locks as an alternative solution for residents. These locks are designed to retrofit existing trash carts, allowing them to withstand encounters with wildlife, particularly black bears. Tested at the WNC Nature Center, the locks have proven effective in deterring access to the contents of the trash cart.

Jes Foster, Sanitation Division Manager, expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of these locks, highlighting their affordability and ease of use for residents. The locks feature bear and weather-resistant flexible straps, stainless steel nuts and bolts for quick installation, and side-release buckles for easy operation by residents.

It is important for residents to remember to unbuckle the straps on sanitation days to allow for easy access and emptying of the trash carts by sanitation staff. This simple step ensures a smooth process and helps prevent any hindrance during trash collection.

For more information on these bear-resistant solutions or to join the waiting list for a bear-resistant trash cart, residents are encouraged to visit the City of Asheville’s website for further details. The City looks forward to improving wildlife management practices and promoting a harmonious relationship between residents and the environment through these initiatives.