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Spring Plant Sale: A Blooming Tribute to Mom

Lush greenery beckons at the bustling Spring Plant Sale, offering a vibrant tapestry of nature's finest creations. Staff rendering.

Asheville – As the vibrant hues of spring envelop Buncombe and Henderson County, a much-anticipated event is on the horizon – the Annual Spring Plant Sale scheduled for May 18th. Organized by the dedicated volunteers of the Extension Master Gardeners of Buncombe County, the Asheville Blue Ridge Rose Society, and the Men’s Garden Club of Asheville, this botanical extravaganza is set to enchant both seasoned gardeners and newcomers to the green thumb scene.

Save the date for Saturday, May 18th, from 9am to 3pm, rain or shine, as the plant sale will unfold at 59 Woodfin Place. Conveniently situated just off the I-240, exit 5B, Charlotte St Exit, ample parking facilities await all attendees. Whether you’re envisioning a bountiful in-ground garden or seeking to adorn your window sill with potted treasures, this event is a must-attend for all gardening enthusiasts.

With Mother’s Day weekend coinciding with the planting window for annual vegetable seeds in our local Zone 7, what better way to honor mom than by embarking on a joint gardening venture? As the sale offers an array of seedlings and starter plants, from aromatic herbs to succulent tomatoes, crisp cucumbers to delicate summer peas, you’ll have everything required to kickstart the gardening season.

Let’s not overlook those Easter lilies that have eagerly awaited their garden debut since early April. It’s time to grant them the overdue attention they deserve and find them a home within your garden sanctuary. Seek guidance from the Extension Master Gardener volunteers and seasoned gardening aficionados present at the event to ensure your plants receive the care they need for flourishing growth throughout the season.

Beyond the allure of purchasing new plant additions, the Spring Plant Sale encapsulates the spirit of community, knowledge exchange, and a shared ardor for gardening. Whether you seek rare rose species, indigenous flora, or beloved classics, a treasure trove of botanical gems awaits alongside a wealth of insights and expertise shared by fellow green thumbs.

Seize the opportunity to embrace the blooming beauty of spring and honor the matriarchs in your life as you revel in the verdant wonders on display at the Spring Plant Sale on May 18th. See you there!