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Root & Bone to Brings ‘Elevated Southern Comfort’ to Hendersonville

Chefs Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis boast several successful restaurants across the country and the Caribbean, with numerous accolades including four James Beard Award nominations. Photo submitted.

Hendersonville – In a culinary development set to enrich the vibrant food scene of Hendersonville, NC, Root & Bone, a renowned restaurant brand, is preparing to unveil its newest location at The Crossroads, slated for a grand opening in late spring of 2024. Spearheaded by the esteemed duo of James Beard Award-nominated chefs Jeffrey McInnis and Janine Booth, the establishment’s arrival is eagerly anticipated as it promises to infuse the area with a distinctive interpretation of “elevated southern comfort” cuisine. Grounded in a steadfast commitment to utilizing locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients, Root & Bone endeavors to deliver a dining experience that embodies the authentic essence of southern cuisine.

Embodying a blend of meat and vegetable components fundamental to the American diet, the name Root & Bone encapsulates the essence of the culinary offerings to be showcased. With a focus on culinary excellence enriched by southern charm, Root & Bone aims to augment the culinary tapestry of Hendersonville. Encompassing not merely a dining venue, The Crossroads, the complex slated to accommodate Root & Bone, will feature a unique bar exuding a classic Rock ‘n Roll ambiance, an inviting outdoor deck, a cozy front porch, and an exclusive wine cellar ideal for hosting private events and dining affairs. Envisioned as a multifaceted locale, The Crossroads is poised to emerge as a favored destination for locals seeking relaxation, social mingling at the bar, and commemoration of special occasions.

The culinary narrative of Root & Bone is deeply intertwined with southern heritage. Chef Jeff McInnis, hailing from the South, grew up immersed in the comfort food traditions and hospitality that define the region. Complementing his background, Chef Janine Booth, originally from Australia, possesses a fervent dedication to using food as a conduit for fostering connections among individuals. Together, this dynamic culinary pairing has cultivated successful dining establishments across various locales in the United States and the Caribbean, accumulating accolades that include multiple James Beard Award nominations. Their upcoming venture marks the establishment’s fourth installment, situated in Western North Carolina (WNC), signifying a long-term commitment to rooting themselves in the community.

The menu at Root & Bone will showcase reinterpretations of southern-inspired dishes with a modern flair. Noteworthy offerings include the “Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken,” with lemon powder and spicy honey, and the “Braised Brisket Meatloaf,” served alongside house-made tomato jam. Additional highlights encompass the “Grilled Peach & Tomato Caprese Salad,” featuring a pimento cheese croquette, and the “Barbecue Spareribs” with pickled chilies and smokin’ rosemary. Catering to classic comfort food cravings, patrons can relish staples like the “R&B Burger” with house-made bacon and the “Crispy Fried Chicken Biscuits” accompanied by pepper jelly.

Adding to the culinary allure, The Crossroads, home to Root & Bone, boasts an eclectic layout merging a Rock ‘n Roll-infused bar, an outdoor deck and bar, a welcoming front porch, and The Little Root Market & Café. The latter establishment offers locally sourced coffee and specialty pastries, serving as an ideal stopover for a quick refuel along the Hwy 64/Brevard Road route. Additionally, The Little Root Market showcases an array of unique retail offerings and locally produced provisions catering to both residents and tourists on the move.

The moniker “The Crossroads” pays homage to the legendary Blues guitarist Robert Johnson, whose folklore legend revolves around striking a fateful deal at a crossroads in pursuit of fame. This mythos was immortalized in Johnson’s song “Cross Road Blues,” gaining further prominence through a rendition by the British band Cream in 1969. Inside The Crossroads, guests will encounter an exhibit comprising exclusive and historic Rock photographs capturing iconic moments from the 1970s and 1980s, portraying luminaries such as Leon Russell, Jeff Beck, James Brown, and The Rolling Stones. The venue will feature a meticulously curated music playlist spanning diverse genres, offering a distinct musical ambiance each night.

Intended to appeal to a diverse demographic, Root & Bone and The Crossroads aim to provide an offering of accessible, family-friendly comfort fare, top-tier Bourbon cocktails in WNC, and occasional live music performances. Situated at 4165 Brevard Road, Horse Shoe, NC 28742, The Crossroads is under the ownership of the same local family overseeing The Horse Shoe Farm, positioned nearby on South Rugby. Positioned as a forthcoming community hallmark, this new establishment is poised to carve out a niche as a beloved communal gathering spot.

For additional details or inclusion on the VIP Guest List, interested individuals may visit Emanating a distinctive fusion of southern comfort cuisine, Rock ‘n Roll ambiance, and inviting surroundings, Root & Bone at The Crossroads promises to emerge as a culinary and social nexus in Hendersonville. The impending unveiling of this captivating new venue has garnered fervent anticipation within the community, eagerly anticipating the chance to savor delectable cuisine, revel in captivating music, and bask in a warm, convivial atmosphere.