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After Nearly A Decade, Town Attorney Resigns

Jennifer Jackson. Photo by Clint Parker

Weaverville – After nearly a decade of working with the Town of Weaverville, Town Attorney Jennifer Jackson is leaving her $90,000 year job.

“With this letter, I hereby tender my resignation as Weaverville’s Town Attorney effective July 1, 2024,” she said in her resignation letter. “I intend to work with the mayor and/or town manager to develop a transition plan if that would be helpful, and I will remain available on an as-needed basis from July 1 through August 31 (and on a limited basis after that) in
order to provide a smooth transition on the matters that are ongoing in nature or that cannot be wound up before July 1.”

She went on to thank the town. “Please know that I am grateful for the opportunity that you provided me to serve town council, Town staff, and the citizens of Weaverville over the last eight years. Much has happened in Weaverville that you trusted me with during that time, and I am proud of the work that I have been able to do on your behalf. I remain an enthusiastic supporter of the town and extend my very best wishes to
Weaverville, your next town attorney, and to you all.” Jackson was hired on July 1, 2016, making this her eighth year with the town.

Jackson’s resignation comes with other changes in town leadership, as the town’s vice-mayor stepped down last month. Councilwoman Catherine Cordell stepped down from the vice mayor position after having a run-in with Councilwoman Michele Wood in a town workshop back in April.

The Tribune obtained emails sent by Councilman Dee Lawrence that called for the removal of Cordell to all members of the council except Cordell. He also asked the board to take civility classes, something Wood refused to do. Councilman John Chase replaced Cordell as vice-mayor. It is unclear if Jackson’s resignation is just the first of a number forthcoming.