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Library Group Gets New Logo From Art Students

North Buncombe High School Art Club. Photo submitted.

Weaverville – The Friends of the Weaverville Library were in need of a new logo for their publications and communications. A thought that a local high school art student might be the place to turn crossed their minds.

“Weaverville Library first opened in 1955, and since then, there has been a volunteer community group that supports it. The Friends of the Weaverville Library (or FOWL, for short), help the Weaverville Library operate a used bookstore, put on community programs, purchase special materials, make helpful facility improvements, and more,” said Stuart Lampkin, chairman of FOWL, told theTribune.

“FOWL had been used a basic sketch of the library building as a de facto logo image, but the FOWL board of directors was interested in something a little more clear and classy,” he said. In August 2023, Lamkin contacted Eamon Aldridge, the art teacher at North Buncombe High School (NBHS). “I loved the idea of our local students helping out our local library,” Lamkin said. “I hoped we could give them an outlet for their artistic talent, offer them some real-world design practice, and encourage them by using our new logo with pride.”

New logo design.
New logo design.

Lamkin had never met or corresponded with Aldridge before e-mailing him out of the blue and was concerned the invitation might be ignored, but Aldridge was excited about the idea. “That sounds like a great opportunity that my students would love to be a part of,” Aldridge said, according to Limpkin, “working on something that applies to the world outside the classroom.” The students were onboard from the beginning.

The first round of possibilities included images from multiple students, many of them using books and playing off the fun FOWL/fowl bird connection. Lamkin said, “They were all great. I loved seeing how the students expressed themselves in such different ways. But I would’ve felt bad just choosing one student’s design over the others, so I wanted to combine different graphical aspects of each one.”

Lamkin sent Aldrige directions for pulling ideas from each student’s logo and developing a composite of the students’ ideas. What they came up with in the final results was the attractive logo FOWL is now using in its communications, newsletters, and social media. When Lamkin shared the finished product with the rest of the FOWL Board, they loved it as well. Comments included: “What a great job the students did! It’s wonderful. An outstanding logo! Bravo to the students and the teacher who encouraged them! What talented young people! It’s beautiful and elegant. Excellent. Stunning!”

“Numerous students in the Art Club contributed to planning and working on the project, then the final rendition was put together by NBHS sophomore Dream Burford,” explained Lampkin. “The group had worked on the logo off an on throughout the year, in between other important projects like painting murals around the school and working overtime on the spring musical Into the Woods. On the last day of the school year for clubs to meet, Lamkin was able to visit the Art Club and personally share FOWL’s gratitude and admiration.”

All the students received certificates to the Weaverville Library’s Used Bookstore as a thank-you gift, and the Art Club itself was issued a certificate of appreciation. The certificate read, in part:

“Whereas, the Friends of the Weaverville Library were in dire need of a nice logo so they could properly communicate visually the classiness of their fine organization and our excellent Library;

Now, therefore I, Stuart Lamkin, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Chair of the Friends of the Weaverville Library, do hereby declare that the NBHS art students did a totally amazing job in designing a fantastic logo that FOWL will be proud to use in all of its mailings and socials.

In witness whereof, the NBHS art students should hereunto receive all the accolades and praise afforded to them, as they use their wonderful talents in expressing themselves and bringing more beauty into the world.”

Looking back on the project, Lamkin remarked, “I was so pleased with how it turned out, from beginning to end. I truly appreciate Mr. Aldrige’s willingness to take up the project, especially in the midst of so many other things; then the students putting their talents into it. They really did a phenomenal job, and FOWL will be extremely proud to use our new awesome logo everywhere!”