Abi Cole

Moving Forward with Non-Discrimination Laws

Citizens are invited to review Buncombe County’s proposed non-discrimination ordinance to make sure provisions, like unisex shared facilities, do not adversely impact their business or religious practices.  

Woodfin Getting $1.9m in Pandemic Relief

Woodfin is scheduled to receive COVID-19 relief funding from Washington.

Bank Provides Digital Program for Students

HomeTrust Bank is offering a free financial literacy program to make remote learning easier. 

Realignment Juggles Three Henderson Schools

Talk about “Getting out of Dodge” (The Wild West) while you can. Three schools get to flee the claws of A.C. Reynolds, T.C. Roberson, Asheville and the rest of the formidable WMAC.

Touchdown After Touchdown at NB vs Enka

North Buncombe dominated Enka High at Friday night’s football game. 

Here’s a bit about a couple of things

Just a bit about a couple of things.

Cougars, Rockets Roll; Knights Slay Tuscola

A.C. Reynolds is emerging as the expected WMAC frontrunner, but Asheville stays in the hunt and hosts the Rockets next, while North Henderson is a surprise unbeaten early in this football season.  

Erwin Beats NB in First Game of Season

North Buncombe and Erwin High faced off in the teams’ first game of the season.

New Owners For an Old Favorite

Tessa Edwards, a Weaverville native, purchased a downtown business and is revamping it to fit her style.

County Plans for Future Waste

Buncombe County’s Solid Waste Director Dane Pedersen said operators of bioreactors, like the one at the Alexander landfill, are finding it more difficult to sell the electricity they generate to major utilities. So, a search is on for another way to keep Buncombe’s methane out of the atmosphere.