Barbie Angell

The 39 Steps and Xanadu the Musical: Uniquely Entertaining Theater!

Experience the zany charm and non-stop laughs of Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" and the roller-skating musical adventure of "Xanadu" in Asheville's vibrant theater scene.

Cast & Crew of Gods of Comedy Are Comedy Gods!

In HART's uproarious production of The Gods of Comedy, director Erin McCarson and a stellar cast explore a spectrum of humor, blending sharp wit, wild slapstick, and poignant insights in a riotous farce that delivers a message of hope and joy amidst chaos and change.

Billy Jonas’ “Camp Bangin’ & Sangin’!” Bridging Divides through Music

Billy Jonas, a professional singer, songwriter, teacher, and percussionist, has built a career around creating music with upcycled instruments and fostering connections among diverse groups of people through his music, including his annual summer camp, "Camp Bangin' & Sangin'!", which aims to nurture creativity and bridge divides through music.

Asheville City Council Candidate Bo Hess

A first-time City Council candidate, Roberto “Bo” Hess has spent years working with and for many local community organizations that serve our most marginalized residents. Now, looking towards serving Asheville, Hess plans to take his work with veterans, sexual assault survivors, addicts, those with mental illnesses, and the houseless population to the city government. When […]

Hendersonville Theatre’s Vagina Monologues: Strong Wit & Power

Eve Ensler’s 1996 episodic play, The Vagina Monologues, was an immediate hit and is still incredibly applicable almost 30 years later. Based on interviews with over 200 women and girls, the stories were originally perceived as a celebration of the female anatomy, feminine sexuality, and the ways in which women and girls are shamed by […]

New Substance Abuse Center Opens in Asheville

Ritual Recovery: A new substance abuse treatment center in Asheville, offering personalized outpatient programs with a mindfulness-based approach and a focus on individualized care to combat the escalating crisis of substance abuse in America.

Stu Helm, WNC’s Favorite Food Fan!

Stu Helm, an Asheville food writer, takes a positive approach to reviewing food and aims to support the local community by promoting the area's food scene and local businesses.

The Montford Moppets’ Magically Maniacal 12th Night!

The Montford Moppets, a youth troupe founded by current Moppets Artistic Director Ashleigh Goff in 2013, have been pushing the boundaries of Shakespeare since the beginning.

Get into the Holiday Spirit with & Elf: The Musical & A Spin on New Year’s Eve

From the moment Abby Auman’s dancing light show began, I felt myself being transported to a physical representation of the holiday spirit.

Crohn’s Disease Isn’t Funny But Robin Plemmons Is!

“Spread Eagle” will find the comedy in Crohn’s, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the entire GI tract.