Carey Kinsolving

What Might We Learn From Jesus Healing A Nobleman’s Son?

“This story is a good reminder that God has no limits,” says Talia, 12. “The nobleman’s son was far away, but God is not limited by human constraints and healed the boy. God can do what he wants to and nothing is impossible with him.” In his police film, Magnum Force, actor Clint Eastwood is […]

What Freedom Means to Kids

“In some places without freedom, girls aren’t allowed to go to school,” says Haley, age 8. “The only people I can think of who would like that are the boys! Boys in our class torture us!” One time I asked a girl about the same age as Haley why God created boys. “So you could […]

Christmas letters to God?

I asked children to write a letter to God about what Christmas means to them as part of the Kids’ Christmas Art Contest.

Accepting the Greatest Christmas Gift

In heaven, Jesus had the deserved honor and glory of myriads of angelic hosts, yet he entered this world in the humblest of circumstances. No trumpets sounded that night in Bethlehem when God the Son took on flesh as a vulnerable baby.