Christine Robinson

Huckabee, Gabbard, Pirro, & More Highlight NC Salt & Light Conference

“This is not about democrats. This is not about republicans. This is about saving our Country,” and, “I am NOT co-parenting with the government,” were the sentiments of several of the distinguished speakers at the Salt & Light Conference in Marion, N.C.

Moms for America: Empowering Asheville Moms

President of Moms for America empowers local Asheville moms with inspiration, information, and training.

Chronically Homeless Will Soon Find Respite at Compass Point Village

Compass Point Village, a Homeward Bound facility for the chronically homeless, is hoping to open this month.

Parallel Practices: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective on Hospital vs. Frontline Doctor Protocols

A North Carolina ICU nurse practitioner shares her experiences with both the hospital covid-19 protocol, and the America’s Front Line Covid Critical Care protocol. The difference is astounding.

The Joys of Outdoor Living—Embracing the Splendor of Fall

Now is the perfect time to revamp, or create, and outdoor living space that will give you your own private oasis, and add value to your home.

Kids, Covid, and Vaccines—Safety Concerns

The Covid vaccine has been added to the childhood vaccine schedule, but experts say this is not needed and could cause future health issues.

What Research Reveals About COVID-19 Vaccines & Adverse Effects

As new studies come out from around the world, the official story of "safe and effective" looses its shine.

Governor Cooper Signs Bill Creating Stricter Bail Bond Laws

Police and prosecutors hopeful new law will stop the revolving door of habitual offenders getting out on bail to continue crime streaks. Some have been arrested hundreds of times.

Trump Holds Enthusiastic Rally in Pickens, SC, Amid Legal Woes & Record Turnout

Over 75,000 people from multiple states gathered, despite the 93 degree heat, to see President Donald Trump speak at his first Southern rally—swelling the population for that one day by more than 1500%.

The FairTax Act of 2023 Could Abolish The IRS

Congress will soon vote on the FairTax, a national sales tax plan that would eliminate the IRS, boost the economy, fund national priorities, restore taxpayer freedom, and enhance global competitiveness.