Clint Parker

The Allen School: Educating African Americans in Western North Carolina

This state historical marker is located on College Street near Oak Street, in Asheville, and reads, “Allen School – Established in 1887 to educate African Americans in western N.C. Emerged as residential preparatory school for Black women. Was 1/3 mi. E until 1974.” According to the historical sketch accompanying the marker on the state website, […]

Revelations Keep Coming From Town’s Emails

"The primary reason for my resignation is directly related to my involvement with the town manager, so I can no longer remain objective with regard to her employment with the town or her contract."

Library Group Gets New Logo From Art Students

"FOWL had been used a basic sketch of the library building as a de facto logo image, but the FOWL board of directors was interested in something a little more clear and classy,"

Emails Reveal Town Council Turmoil

Emails tell of the turmoil inside the town government as manager believes some on council working to fire her.

No End To Maple Trace Issue, STR Regulations

At the regular meeting, the council continued to wrestle with the Maple Trace Annexation and short-term rental regulations, both of which were debated ad nauseam and yet again delayed for action at a later date.

Mayor Sees Bright Future For Town

"Weaverville is really at a pivotal point. If you look at what's happening in the town of Weaverville, it's going to change the town dramatically."

Weaverville Town Leadership Imploding?

The attachment in the email from Mayor Patrick Fitzsimmons to colleagues contained concerns about the town manager's performance, including issues regarding sick leave records, emotional behavior, and a fractured leadership staff.

Clement: A Pioneer for Women in Politics

Lillian Exum Clement Stafford was the first female legislator in the South, elected to the North Carolina House in 1920, and her pioneering spirit and legislative accomplishments paved the way for future generations of women in politics.

Deliberations Include Town Manager’s Salary in the Budget

Left out of the additional requests were larger ticket items such as a DC fast charge for the town's EV fleet ($150,000), Main Street Nature Park Upgrades ($182,000), Eller Cove Watershed trail system ($1.072 million), and an Active Weaverville Committee request of over half a million, to name a few.

After Nearly A Decade, Town Attorney Resigns

"With this letter, I hereby tender my resignation as Weaverville’s Town Attorney effective July 1, 2024."