Clint Parker

Bluffs’ Decision Derailed over “Slip of Tongue”

A rude comment during the Bluff’s development discussion derailed the meeting.

Commissioner Answers Questions About Ordinance

Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara answers questions about the proposed nondiscrimination ordinance. 

Think of Us As GMO-free

I would never discourage anyone from taking the “vaccine,” but what good is a “vaccine” if you still have to mask up even after you take it?

Agent Forms Team to Handle Booming Biz

“Anyone can tell you that real estate is hot right now! It’s very obvious to anyone looking for or selling a house right now. Things are booming so much that Real Estate Agent David Plyler with Lusso Realty has had to put together a team, The Plyler Team, to handle his volume of clients. Formerly […]

Questions Remain Unanswered about Proposed Non-discrimination Ordinance

A couple of weeks ago, the Tribune published an article on Buncombe County’s new non-discrimination ordinance, which Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara introduced.

With a Little Help from Your Friends

News flash, councilwoman, we live in a representative republic, not a democracy. You were elected in a democratic way to represent the people and make a decision for them. Just listen to your constituents and represent them.

Board Member Throws Hearing into Limbo

Board member speaks out of turn about her position regarding development project, sending meeting into disarray.

Black Hawks Shot Down by Rockets

AC Reynolds crushed North Buncombe by nearly 30 points.

Press Forsakes First Amendment Obligation

So is it just me, or does it appear that the media covers Biden differently than they cover Trump?

Remedy Needed for Virtual Signaling Governments

Rev. Beach-Ferrara and the county commissioners are about to show-off their “Holier than thou” attitude by telling citizens and residents how to go about doing what they are already doing.