Clint Parker

COVID Blamed for Customers’ Contact Problems

After receiving inquiries about customers having trouble getting in touch with the Sanitary Water & Sewer District Offices, the Tribune looked into the matter.

Local Politicians Get Sworn In & Assignments

As part of a January bi-annual ritual, local politicians are being sworn-in, receiving assignments or voted into leadership positions. 

PS: Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I received an email from a former reader the other day. I say former as he was canceling his subscription to the paper because of somethings he read.

Weaverville’s Storm Water Woes

At last month’s Weaverville Town Council meeting, the board heard just how much work there is to become compliant with the MS4 Stormwater Compliance Program. 

Town looks to Expand Council, Mayor’s Powers

Weaverville Town Council met for its last time in 2020 on Monday (December 21), and with that meeting, set about to expand the board’s members.

Town Votes to Remove Moratorium

After undertaking a contentious re-zoning appeal (see last week’s issue for the story), which took up nearly half their December meeting, Woodfin Commissioners moved on to other business.

Is North Carolina a Good State to go Off-Grid?

Ready to break free from all the crap that’s going on in the world? Want to live off-grid and cut all ties and just be left alone? Can you even do that in North Carolina?

New Executive Director Familiar Face

The new executive director for Emerald Ridge Rehab and Care Center is an old familiar face, Tom Hager.

Increase Alcohol Sales has Drawbacks

Remember all those increases in alcohol sales the Tribune has reported on in the past months? Well, every rose has its thorns and it looks like there are some negative effects from all that drinking.

Woodfin Board Approves 59-unit Development

The Town of Woodfin Commissioners Board took the opportunity not once, not twice, but three times to go into executive closed session at their December meeting (Dec. 15).