Clint Parker

Water Monopolizes Council’s First Meeting of the Year

To expand or not to expand the water treatment plant is the question Weaverville has yet to answer.

Woodfin Holds Three Public Hearings on Development

As people complain about development overtaking towns, Woodfin holds three hearings on development, but no one shows up to hear them.

The Great Flood: Myth or Fact?

Is there any evidence of a worldwide flood? There is if you look.

Blade Says He’s Running for Woodfin Mayor

Josh Blade hopes to unseat longtime Woodfin Mayor Jerry VeHaun and plans to run for the seat this year.

Town Holds Annual MLK Day Event

The Town of Weaverville once again held its annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day event to commemorate his leadership in the civil rights movement. This year’s keynote speaker was “Dr. Dwight Mullen, a longtime WNC resident and prominent leader in the community.” Dr. “Mullen has spent decades in academia, dedicating his work and providing […]

Genesis an Important Foundation

As one of the most attacked books of the Bible, can Genesis be believed, or is it nothing more than a fairy tale?

‘Tribune’ Files Complaint With Sheriff Over Misinformation

The Tribune files a formal complaint with the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office over misinformation from the public affairs director.

Councilman Worries About Riverside Drive Traffic

A combination of issues makes speed enforcement along Riverside Drive an issue in Woodfin.

The First Rule of Public Information Officers: Never Lie

Along with being a reporter, editor, and publisher for the newspaper, I also volunteered for years as a public affairs/public information officer with the Civil Air Patrol. For those who know nothing about the Civil Air Patrol, or CAP for short, it is the official auxiliary of the US Air Force. They have a rank […]

Local GOPers Seek Censure of US Senators

Local conservative group starts censure move for the state's US Senators.