Clint Parker

Hunter Promoted To Deputy Fire Chief

Hunter's journey from a young volunteer to a leader within the Weaverville Fire Department exemplifies a profound commitment to the well-being and safety of the community.

Stories Of Overcoming Trauma & Adversity

The Weaverville Community Center will host personal stories of recovery and redemption with Ray Christian, Chuck Fink, and Drew Carter on Thursday, November 30th, at 7 pm at 60 Lakeshore Drive. Three men with stories of overcoming trauma and adversity. A nationally known storyteller and storytelling contest winner confronting PTSD. A beloved local storyteller and […]

Buncombe County Election Season Results

The 2023 Buncombe County election sees low voter turnout and results in new winners for various town councils, the mayoral race, and the Woodfin Water Board, with Democrats and white voters showing higher participation rates.

Penland Left Legacy Of Selflessness, Courage, & Devotion

Anne Penland passed away in 1976, leaving behind a legacy of selflessness, courage, and devotion to those in need.

Town Reduces Water Development Fees Due to $15m From State

The town council voted to lower the Water System Development Fees because of the $15 million grant from the state.

Buncombe Turnpike: The Freeway of the 1800s

Another historical marker from Broadway is the one for Buncombe Turnpike, which reads: “Opened up western N.C. Built, 1824-28; the 75-mi. long route from S.C. line to Tenn. line, used by settlers & livestock drovers, passed nearby.” In the early 19th century, the rugged and panoramic landscapes of Western North Carolina held untapped potential. Nestled […]

Town Honoring the Heroes

Honor our veterans and their sacrifices at the Weaverville Veterans Day Observance, a heartfelt event featuring distinguished speaker Lt. Col. David Thorneloe, moving tributes, and powerful musical performances.

Local Church’s Fundraiser Garners More than $300K for Israel Relief

Trinity Baptist Church raises over $310,000 through a special service to support Magen David Adom and Israel's emergency medical services, despite facing threats from a pro-Hamas group, showcasing unwavering commitment and solidarity.

Woodfin Water Candidates Answer Questions

The Town of Woodfin is unique because it has a separate water system from the town government. Therefore, it has a Woodfin Water Board of Trustees. Here are the candidates for the trustees who have answered the questions put to them by the Tribune. They are in alphabetical order. Not all candidates responded to our […]

Stormwater Fee Causes Rumble in Woodfin

The stormwater fee has left those living and who own businesses in Woodfin in sticker shock.