Clint Parker

As Bad Or Worse Than Losing Second Amendment

Campaign For Free Speech found that 51% of Americans say the First Amendment goes too far—that’s right, too far—in allowing hate speech and should be revised.

400 New Homes & Townhomes Coming

Atlanta-based development company St. Bourke is managing two major residential projects along I-26, just north of Woodfin. These developments combined will add more than 400 new homes and townhomes. 

Fire Will Set $15M Project’s End Date Back

An afternoon fire on Tuesday (November 10) at the Metropolitan Sewage District Treatment plant in Woodfin drew more than 25 fire departments from 5 counties. It also set back a $15 million project’s end by months.

Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving 2020, Everyone!

According to reports, COVID-19 is raging, and all our shutdowns and mask-wearing seems to be in vain.

Harwood & Friends Raise Money for Kids

Barnardsville resident Eddie Harwood is no stranger to the impact that COVID-19 has had on his business. When he opened the Barn at Paint Fork as a music venue, he experienced much success.

Whether They Are Democrats Or Republicans

It will be interesting to see if the riots across the United States continue after the nation’s news media outlets declared former Vice President Joe Biden the presumptive next president.

Over Century Old Plaque Stolen

A Civil War-era placard was stolen sometime last week from the monument to which it was attached on the Madison County Courthouse grounds in downtown Marshall.

Fundraising Helps New Community Center

The new community center at Lake Louise is under a roof and well on its way to completion, according to Weaverville Town Manager.

Developers take notice

As part of last month’s consent agenda, the Town Council of Weaverville voted to change its way of collecting water system development fees, per state mandate. 

A Last Tribute to My Best Friend

As a last tribute to my cousin, Paul Nizamian, I would like to submit this humorous article he wrote back in the ‘90s that I first published in May of 1995 in my first newspaper.