Clint Parker

Woodfin Hires New Planning Director

The Town of Woodfin announced their selection of Adrienne Isenhower for planning director.

A Very Personal and Sad Commentary This Week

This week’s commentary is very personal, as I lost my best friend this week.

Raising Money for Swiftwater Rescue Team

The French Broad Fire Department is holding a raffle to raise money for their swiftwater rescue team to purchase needed equipment.

NBHS Honor Student Delegate to National Event

North Buncombe High School (NBHS) Sophomore Geneva Young has been nominated to be a delegate to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders on November 21st and 22nd of this year.

Celebrating 62 Years of Marriage and on their way to forever

Rev. Wesley and Shirley Buckner Pike celebrate 62 years of marriage on their way to forever together.

In this election, the American people and our rights are going to be the losers no matter who wins

One thing is most probable; there will be a lot of legal wrangling in the courts after the election.

Residential treatment facility confirms case of COVID-19

Solstice East, a residential treatment facility has confirmed they had a case of COVID-19 in their center.

Longtime senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church plans to step down

Leicester resident and Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church Dr. Ralph Sexton Jr. announced Sunday morning he would be stepping down.

Local journalist remains hospitalized a week after attack, APD seeking assistance

Chad Nesbitt was severely injured and hospitalized during a protest in downtown Asheville on September 23, Asheville Police are still seeking the public’s help in identifying a person of interest.

Lawlessness must stop so that people can live their lives peaceably

On September 23, while exercising his First Amendment rights (freedom of the press) to cover another First Amendment right event (assembly), Skyline News’ Chad Nesbitt was seriously injured and remains in the hospital.