Clint Parker

Town’s New Tools Online for Residents

The Town of Woodfin made it easier to report code infractions and apply for permits with new tools online.

Contentious Project Approved by Planning & Zoning

JoAnn Cahill is now able to develop her 50 acres into a vacation rental complex with cabins not to exceed 1,200 square feet.

Man Credits Life to Good Samaritan

Dwight Chandler believes that if it hadn’t been for the “good Lord” and a good samaritan, he wouldn’t be here now.

Tuch Takes Top Job In Woodfin

A City of Asheville planner has been chosen as Woodfin’s Town Adminstrator. She starts this month.

…But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express

Covering the City of Asheville’s Civil Service Grievance Board hearing last week on the dismissal of five employees over the city’s COVID-19 policy, I was reminded of a series of Holiday Inn Express commercials. 

A Decade-Long Project Comes to an End

A 10 year old project started by the Weaverville Public Works Department has come to the end with the replacement of all its manual read water meters with radio read meters saving the town time and money.

Employee Dismissal Hearing Allows No Defense Witnesses

In more than seven hours of testimony, during a grievance hearing, former employees of the city of Asheville were not allowed to present witnesses.

Town’s Development-Friendly Reputation Over?

Woodfin’s reputation of being willing to accommodate developers might end with the introduction of new town commissioners.

Guilty: Teacher Convicted of Assaulting Student

A two-day trial ends with the conviction of a special needs teacher found guilty of assaulting one of her students,

Study Tries to Address Worker’s Salaries

A study into the pay of Town of Weaverville’s employees is meant to help the town stay competitive with other municipalities.