Clint Parker

There’s No Middle Ground

Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society is now called racist and replaced by Critical Race Theory. In our modern world,  it increasingly seems you’re now racist just based on the color of your skin.

Grant to Help With Local’s ‘Smithing’ Education

A North Buncombe student was awarded a scholarship to pursue a blacksmith education. 

Recognized by Higher Learning Institutes

Local students were honored for their academic achievement by their respective colleges.

NB Golf Team Win WMAC, Mull 15th at State

NB Women’s Golf had an outstanding season.

“Madison Doesn’t Want Any Part of Asheville”

Madison County residents vocalized their support for law enforcement.

Restaurant Family Recognized for 60 Years

US Foods honored Stony Knob Cafe owner Gus Dermas for 60 years of business.

Honoring Those Who Gave Their Last Full Measure

The Town of Weaverville paused Memorial Day (May 31st) to remember those who gave their last full measure for their country.

“Red Day” Giving Back to Community

Keller Williams team members celebrated the community by giving back through a number of projects.

Town Maintaining a Revenue-Neutral Tax Rate

Weaverville Town Council held its May monthly meeting with little input from citizens.

Is the Asheville City Council Anti-Semitic?

The Asheville City Council, only a few years removed from having a fundraiser to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore the 120 plus year Vance Monument, has not only removed it but ordered its destruction.