David Morgan

Equitable Inconsistency: Criticism of the City’s Master Plan

Buncombe County says its 20-year comprehensive draft plan is supposed to be a document brought about by a democratic atmosphere of consensus while representing the residents’ wishes on the whole. Instead, it reads more like a manifesto written by socially-empowered people, virtue-signaling a particular perspective on the country’s history as a foundational presupposition for justifying […]

“Red Wave” Downplayed by Mainstream Media Efforts

Were the 2022 midterm elections really the disaster for Republicans that Big Media, assorted never-Trumpers and RINOs make them out to be? Was Tuesday’s vote somehow an approval of Joe Biden’s failing presidency? Several GOP victories, which the mainstream media has chosen to ignore, indicate otherwise. Americans who rely on corporate media will miss the […]

Is the Council Asking the Wrong Question?

Why is it that so many weakly educated, well-intended people seem to always think that the solution to any perceived problem is to throw more money at it? Even when there is no problem, these folks like to throw more money at their perceived problems as though that will somehow improve and blow away the […]

What You May Not Know About Our Hurricanes

Long-term data doesn't reveal an increase of hurricane instances as climate change proponents insist.

Armed Bureaucrats & Higher Education Lowering the Bar

There are more bureaucrats than the 186,000 Marines who are now permitted to carry firearms. A report issued last year by the watchdog group Open The Books, “The Militarization of The U.S. Executive Agencies,” found that more than 200,000 federal bureaucrats now have been granted the authority to carry guns and make arrests—more than the […]

Ballot Harvesting “Legalized” by the NC State Board of Elections

September 9, 2022 is the beginning of mail-in voting for the November 8 election in North Carolina, one of the battleground states in this election cycle, and probably in 2024 as well. It is expected that certain of the races will be hotly contested and that the winner’s margin of victory may be slim. On […]

Everything Falls Under the “Commerce Clause.”

Under Article I, Section 8, the Constitution gives Congress the power to “regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several States.” The purpose of this was to promote trade by breaking down many of the barriers that had been set up by the States. However, in 1942, the Court made a gigantic leap into […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 5

Tearing apart the fabric of America, case by case Undermining religious beliefs Part of the First Amendment of the Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” It seems simple enough. Our founders did not want the federal government to establish a state religion, […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 4

Editor’s Note: The author has extended the series by an additional 2 parts. The One Nation Under Judges series will continue until issue 34. Congress has the power, providing it has the will Article III empowers Congress to establish lower courts subordinate to the Supreme Court and to determine the original and appellate jurisdiction of […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 3

Note: Previous installment can be read in Issue 30 of the Tribune Papers. Hence By simply having the gumption to claim it, Marshall claimed the Court’s right of judicial review. That was all there was to it. Although Marbury v. Madison was the first case asserting the power of judicial review, it was not a […]