David Morgan

Ballot Harvesting “Legalized” by the NC State Board of Elections

September 9, 2022 is the beginning of mail-in voting for the November 8 election in North Carolina, one of the battleground states in this election cycle, and probably in 2024 as well. It is expected that certain of the races will be hotly contested and that the winner’s margin of victory may be slim. On […]

Everything Falls Under the “Commerce Clause.”

Under Article I, Section 8, the Constitution gives Congress the power to “regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several States.” The purpose of this was to promote trade by breaking down many of the barriers that had been set up by the States. However, in 1942, the Court made a gigantic leap into […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 5

Tearing apart the fabric of America, case by case Undermining religious beliefs Part of the First Amendment of the Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” It seems simple enough. Our founders did not want the federal government to establish a state religion, […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 4

Editor’s Note: The author has extended the series by an additional 2 parts. The One Nation Under Judges series will continue until issue 34. Congress has the power, providing it has the will Article III empowers Congress to establish lower courts subordinate to the Supreme Court and to determine the original and appellate jurisdiction of […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 3

Note: Previous installment can be read in Issue 30 of the Tribune Papers. Hence By simply having the gumption to claim it, Marshall claimed the Court’s right of judicial review. That was all there was to it. Although Marbury v. Madison was the first case asserting the power of judicial review, it was not a […]

One Nation Under Judges: Part 2

Chronicle the events leading to the usurpation of the Constitution by the country's courts.

ICE Law Enforcement in NC and CDC’s Vaccine Definition Updated

Cooper vetoes bill requiring sheriffs to cooperate with ICE law enforcement By Donna King, Carolina Journal Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill Monday that would have required N.C. sheriffs to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement if they cannot confirm the citizenship status of someone in their custody accused of serious felonies and violent crimes. […]

One Nation, Under Judges

Part 1 If there is anything that should be clear, it is that the Founders of our nation and those who wrote the Constitution were emphatic about the need for a distinct separation of powers among the various branches of government. Voluminous notes and writing exist dedicated to this very proposition. Federalism—the agreement in which […]

National Threats in Critical Race Theory, More Guns Brings Brazil Safety

Scholar: The fight against CRT is one of national survival By David Bass, Carolina Journal The fight against Critical Race Theory is nothing less than a battle for national survival, according to Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson. Jacobson made his comments during a June 23 luncheon at the Carolina Country Club in Raleigh. […]

Judiciary Flex Power with Rulings, Funded Hospitals Reap Record Profits

High courts flexed their judicial muscle, adding to the existing pressure brought on by the recent Roe v. Wade ruling last week.