John Trump

Shaken Not Stirred

Cooper sanctions Russia, including ban on vodka made in that country.

NC Distillers Laws Loosen Somewhat

A bill allowing festival liquor sales and online orders from ABC stores passes state Senate.

House won’t move the “Save Women’s Sport Act”

The NC House chose to drop the “Save Women’s Sport Act.”

Bill Seeking to End Twice-A-Year Time Changes

North Carolina representatives seek to end the spring and fall time changes.

Governor vetoes bill that would have opened bars, expanded restaurant seating

Gov. Roy Cooper (D) late in the afternoon of Friday, June 5, vetoed a bill that would have reopened private bars and clubs, as well as expanded outdoor seating in restaurants and brewpubs.Cooper signaled all along he would veto the measure, House Bill 536. He publicly expressed concerns about lawmakers taking away some of his […]

New bill would reopen gyms and bars, governor hints at a veto

The NC Senate plans to vote Tuesday, June 9, on legislation that would reopen gyms, bars, and expand in-person dining at restaurants.