Lawrence Griffin

Pickleball Gains Steam Among Asheville Residents

Brandon Mackie, co-founder of Pickleheads, an online database for the game, claims that pickleball has arrived in Asheville and may only continue to grow in popularity.

Local Activists Weigh in on “Buncombe Decides”

Ben Williamson doesn’t need to be ‘the guy’ who spearheads change in the way tourism revenues are used in Buncombe County—he doesn’t have a big ego. But with his new organization, Buncombe Decides, he’s leading the way for now. He told the Tribune Papers that the point of the organization was to enact change to […]

New Year’s With Asheville Symphony’s Strutting James Bond Theme

James Bond fans who happen to be around Asheville on New Year’s Eve might enjoy a performance at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, where the Asheville Symphony Orchestra (ASO) will perform versions of famous songs from the series. It won’t take a secret agent to find out information about the show. Taking place on Dec. 31 […]

Newly-Opened Village Pub Aiming as ‘Community Center’

With The Village Pub, owner Keith Davis wanted to provide something he hasn’t seen enough of in Asheville – a big sports bar with a lot of local beers all under the same roof. “We have a lot of breweries, but not many places with over 60 local Asheville beers in one place,” he said. […]

Local Breweries Bring Canine Treats

Jen Nathanson, the creator of whosagooddog?, a small-batch dog treat business, aims to employ leftover ingredients from craft beer breweries to provide dogs with delightful treats.