Leslee Kulba

Mission Performs First TriClip in North Carolina

A surgical team at Mission Health, led by Dr. Michael Chenier, has successfully completed the first TriClip intervention in North Carolina. Approval for the procedure was expedited, so, until more data is collected guaranteeing its safety, the FDA recommends that its use be limited to specially-trained, multidisciplinary teams at large-volume centers.

He-Said/She-Said from the Library Brawl

Three locals attended what appeared to be a training session for guerrilla warfare, free and open to the public and on public property. They were called out as Zionists and a fight ensued. The "Zionists" were the only ones treated for minor injuries after the police arrived, and the police are requesting help identifying perpetrators in the ongoing investigation.

A-B Tech Culinary Grad Knows How to Win

Roman Nourse wasn't as interested as he thought he was in meteorology, but cooking was something he found to be worth all the time and resources it takes to be the very best.

Sweet Bouquets: Southern Living Meets Southern Hospitality

Sweet Bouquets, a cherished florist in Arden, North Carolina, provides heartfelt floral arrangements for weddings and funerals, sourcing flowers both locally and internationally, while offering exceptional customer service and unique designs.

UNC Asheville to Cut Underenrolled Programs

UNC Asheville's Chancellor Kimberly van Noort's decision to cut programs was not political. Rather, it was a sound business decision needed to balance a budget in need of restructuring. Not only is student interest in Western Classicism waning, endowment campaigns and annual donations are more profitable when alumni are gainfully employed.

Commissioners Hear Domestic Violence Fatality Report

Every minute of every day, an untold number of victims of domestic violence suffer subjugation, unable to come and go from the home, unable to call friends, psychologically and/or physically abused. Friends and coworkers can see the signs, but it's awkward to broach the topic. Then, one day, it's too late. Buncombe County, like all organizations committed to equity and inclusion, is interested in finding better ways to allow all citizens to enjoy their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Asheville Approves Downtown Bid

It was a night of contradictions. Reportedly, a party opposing the BID had vandalized the car of a proponent in an act of intimidation that could only increase demand for the BID. Then, opponents complained about a private-sector company stepping up to do what they thought government should be doing but wasn't. Either way, the BID was approved. Downtown residents will now see a new tax for purposes still in the development stage.

Riverlink Corrections Copy

Several errors in a recent article published in the Asheville Tribune have been brought to the editors' attention.

Spicer Greene: 21st-Century Elegance

Spicer Greene has tailored its inventory of luxury jewelry to appeal to the modern buyer. Education is key in helping customers make purchases they won't regret.

ElectriFair: A Blast of Fresh Air

The first ever ElectriFair at A-B Tech was a blast. It was a great opportunity to work with new friends who love green technology, want to make a difference, and know how to get things done.