Leslee Kulba

Financial Realities Closing in for City Council

At Asheville City Council's last formal meeting, the board previewed a budget where expenditures had grown, subsidies were drying up, sales tax revenues were dwindling, and council would have to run its fund balance below the self-imposed minimum of 15% of the general fund. Mayor Esther Manheimer foresaw a ten-cent increase in the tax rate next year, while others on council wanted to spend more.

Mackie Loves Sharing the Sky Life

Tom Mackie, owner and operator of Asheville Balloon Company, can't stop talking about how wonderful it is to be ballooning in the beautiful skies of Western North Carolina and working with his top-notch team.

Reparations Committee Recommends Guaranteed Income

Buncombe County Commissioner Al Whitesides criticizes the denial of extending the CRC and questions the feasibility of its proposed projects due to lack of cost estimates and potential implementation challenges, emphasizing the need to prioritize traditional government responsibilities and equity in the community.

A Glittering Celebration with Decoraciones Valdes

Jou Valdes creates professional designs for all of life's celebrations. Mostly, he prepares the backdrop, dress, and accouterments for quinceanera blowouts.

Novant Moving to Fill Local Void

Novant Health has applied for a certificate of need to build a 26-bed cancer hospital on Long Shoals Road. Statements provided to the press from Novant hint at deficiencies in local cancer care and echo complaints former Mission oncologists have been lodging against HCA.

MAMA’s Littlest Passengers

To honor mothers for the holiday, this week's business spotlight looks at how MAMA (pun intended) helps connect neonates in distress to vital care.

The Youngs’ Rise to Ace Hardware Businesses in the Mountains

Erik Young says knowing your customers and being a part of the community are key in running a local hardware store.

Controversial Vance Monument: Tumblin’ Tumblin’ Down

"Demolition" was the word in this week's agenda briefings for Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commissioners.

Loyal Lifts: A Journey of Dedication

After surviving a rapid-fire onslaught of disabling health issues, one Weaverville resident did some soul searching and started his own business to live a more purposeful, service-oriented life.

Affordable Housing Programs: Raising Prices to Lower Them

Asheville City Council approved a package of loans that will be awarded from the Housing Trust Fund this year. The grand expenditure from the city's widening portfolio appeared to miss the message that about 100 people had come to tell them about another issue: Focus on protecting the rights of citizens and visitors to go about their harmless business without being accosted or worse. P.S. Quit raising the cost of living.