Leslee Kulba

Early Childhood Education Investments Struggling

Numerous studies have shown that children who participate in high-quality early childhood education programs are more likely to graduate from high school, abstain from crime, maintain employment, avoid receiving public assistance, be healthier, and be more productive than those who do not. County commissioners should already be aware of these findings.

Workers Demanding Affordable Parking

The Buncombe County Commissioners are getting bombarded by requests for affordable parking, as it is not uncommon for wage earners to pay over 20% of their income in fees and fines. Those who park free in surrounding neighborhoods find the midnight walks among people living on the streets intimidating.

Asheville Pours $7.6M in Subsidies for Affordable Projects

Asheville City Council essentially approved $7.6 million in subsidies for two projects that will create 265-275 units of affordable housing.

Good Reasons to Sleep

Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, is an eye-opening overview of how getting anything less than 7-9 hours of sleep subjects the body and mind to wear and tear, diminishing performance capabilities, reducing intellectual and emotional intelligence, and making the body more susceptible to almost every physical malady.

Asheville’s Fentanyl Response Bordering On Absurd

Local government's response to the fentanyl crisis, in which 150 people are dying each day in this country, is to drag its feet about deferring the responsibility of how to spend funds.

Loading Docks Booting Bike Lanes

The City of Asheville had planned to get bike lanes on the north end of Biltmore Avenue with state funds as the North Carolina Department of Transportation restripes the road. Property owners and tenants, however, told the city they had a far more urgent need.

Council Takes Money, Debates How It Was Obtained

Members of Asheville City Council used the opportunity presented by having to approve recommendations for asset forfeiture allocations as an opportunity to publicly criticize the federal policy.

Commissioners Enlist Nurses’ Union to Build Case

In their latest attempt to force reforms at Mission Hospital before it is awarded a certificate of need for expansion, the Buncombe County Commissioners invited Lori Hedrick to speak on behalf of the nurses' union about understaffing and working conditions.

Tax Inequity: Designer “Urban3” Demanding Explanations

Joe Minicozzi and Ori Baber presented to the Buncombe County Commissioners a dissenting opinion directed at the recommendations the county was going to receive from its ad hoc committee.

City and County Suing Mission Hospital

Litigation filed by high-power attorneys working on behalf of the City of Asheville and Buncombe County against HCA Mission reads rather light-weight and undirected.