Leslee Kulba

Commissioners Approve Half-a-Million in Reparations

Despite requests to make perpetual reparations payments as a percentage of Buncombe County's annual budget, the commissioners agreed with Al Whitesides to pay $500,000 with an escalator for inflation. Also, the funds will not be paid in perpetuity, because when the day comes that equity is achieved, reparations won't be needed anymore.

Designer Urban3’s Finding Still Being Disputed

The experts disagree on whether or not Buncombe County's tax assessment tool is causing taxes to unfairly go up more in disadvantaged neighborhoods than in wealthy enclaves, and the general public is told the reasons are too complicated to explain.

Deregulation Good for Mom-and-Pop Shops?

Now, as ever, economies thrive when left to the creative genius of each individual, with government intervening only to enforce criminal activity already on the books. Why, then, do so many government officials want to jump-start the economy with tax-funded jobs, food, housing, and more?

Dealing With Fake News

In today's context of mass confusion and outright lies, Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West's On Bulls**t doesn't teach anything new about logical fallacies. Rather, it vindicates and perhaps emboldens the reader to take a stance for reality.

Browder in Sequel Describes International Money Laundering Operation

In a sequel to Red Notice published this year, investor and human rights activist Bill Browder shares what it's like to refuse to live under the spell of nihilism demanded by authoritarian whim.

Less Equal than Us

While political leaders in the United States have been failing for decades to help the poor by using government as a pump to redistribute wealth, redistribution programs throughout the world continue to seriously repress the poorest of the poor.

Council Affirms “Reproductive Freedom”

Council responds to the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade with a proclamation in defense of woman's reproductive freedom.

Council Adopts Budget with Flair

After the City of Asheville listened to activists and allocated millions for new budget items like reparations, reimagining the police, and the latest concepts in homeless shelters, protesters still protested with a stirring in the council chambers as the budget was about to be adopted.

Tax Assistance: Where to Draw Line?

Discussion the night the Buncombe County Commissioners adopted their FY 2022-2023 budget was dominated by questions about how much liquidity persons receiving county tax abatement should be allowed.

TDA Rebuts Commissioners

Weeks after the Buncombe County Commissioners signed a resolution supporting a change to the way hotel tax revenues are distributed, Vic Isley, representing the Tourism Development Authority, had a turn at the podium.