Leslee Kulba

Zero-Emission, By Taxpayer or Ratepayer

The Buncombe County Commissioners’ plans to build a 5MW solar plant at the retired Woodfin landfill have been delayed over Public Staff’s negative recommendation. While negotiations continue, the county is looking for a couple more places for solar farms.

Asheville Council Slammed for Removing Homeless Camps

The City of Asheville is in the process of removing encampments on city-owned lands and assisting the displaced in rebuilding their lives, but activists are not pleased.

Shaping Dialogue, Making Headlines

The city announced success in hooking six campers up with tools to get them back on their feet. Six others, who were camping in protest and not out of necessity, refused follow police orders to vacate.

Flushed With Money County Starts Spending

The last meeting of the Buncombe County Commissioners was marked by a miscellany of extraneous revenues and expenditures. 

Ministerial Alliance Against Non-Discrimination Ordinance

The Buncombe County Commissioners took public comment on a draft nondiscrimination ordinance, which had been updated since Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara last spoke informally about it.

Wrestling with Reparations & How to Fund It

Discussion of reparations dominated Asheville City Council’s annual retreat. Sensing members of the public did not think the city was doing enough, City Manager Debra Campbell wanted to emphasize that council had not dropped the ball. She spoke about how 2020 had been unprecedented for city management. Noting she knew of no other city that […]

Council Can’t Control Its Wish List

At their retreat, members of Asheville City Council had difficulty whittling their expansive list of ambitions down to a package that was economically and technically feasible for staff to complete.

Commissioners: Need More Data on School Closure

The Buncombe County Commissioners mirrored dissatisfaction in their constituency over the management of Asheville City Schools (ACS). A lot of the dissatisfaction appears to have stemmed from a surprise announcement of the intent to close the Asheville Primary School.

Equity & Inclusion Office Reports Activity

The City of Asheville means well, attempting to overcome economic disparity through innovations of its Office of Equity and Inclusion. Some of the initiatives, however, retain a tinge of paternalism and repression.

Council Endorses Hybrid School Board Elections

Answering to public pressure, Asheville City Council is now lobbying the legislature to change the way school board members are seated. Instead of appointing members themselves, council is recommending converting to either a fully-elected board or a hybrid of the two systems.