Leslee Kulba

Council on Obelisk: Risks Outweigh Benefits

On the current agenda, Mayor Esther Manheimer had moved discussion of what to do with the Vance Monument

Historical All-Women Council Bring Wealth of Accomplishment

Asheville is now an “historic all-woman city council,” and “an all-first in the State of North Carolina.” Three of the women are also people of color.

COVID Costs Unsearchable & Unfathomable

The complete tally of damages being caused by COVID-19 is yet to be determined. In addition to the increasing infection and death counts, individuals in the best of health have found themselves without a job and soon unable to pay rent.

Preliminary Analysis of Pandemic Response

About half a year ago, an inquiry into the rhetorical charge that there were no libertarians in a pandemic led to an email exchange with David Boaz at the Cato Institute and an awareness of a portion of the deregulation going on behind the political scenes thanks to organizations like CEI.org.

Asheville Seeks Input on Draft Noise Ordinance

The City of Asheville is taking public comment on its proposed noise ordinance through December 4.

Plowshares/Pruning Hooks a Federal Matter

The Buncombe County Commissioners  agreed to a $27 million tax abatement agreement with Pratt & Whitney after about 30 citizens complained they did not want local government enabling a multimillion multinational manufacturer of tools of war.

Commissioners Honor Four

The Buncombe County Commissioners recognized the contributions of four outstanding community leaders in their retirement.

7th Iteration Fights Price Theory

The City of Asheville continues to make changes to its Land Use Incentive Grant (LUIG) policy. First adopted in 2010 in order to incentivize what members of city council used to term “the kind of development we want” with an emphasis on affordable housing, the program attracted the passing interest of only a few developers long enough to determine it was unworkable.

Three Councilors Bid Farewell

At the last meeting of Asheville City Council, Mayor Esther Manheimer read resolutions sending off Councilors Brian Haynes, Julie Mayfield, and Keith Young.

Big Incentives Offered In P&W Development

P&W intends to use the Asheville facility to manufacture its patented geared turbofan (GTF) engines.