Leslee Kulba

Community Planning with Equity Lens Proving Expensive

Buncombe County received two $500,000 grants from the Dogwood Health Trust, pending formal acceptance. Both would pertain to opioid interdiction: one would support planning with an equity lens, and the other would support a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) team.

Buncombe County Addresses Dysfunctional Gov.

The commissioners discussed problems getting people to work in its Internal Audit Department and fortifying its anti-nepotism policy. Both were pivotal in reforms following the detection of extensive fraud perpetrated by former county leaders.

Asheville Gov’t Enters High-Roller Real Estate

Asheville City Council approved payment for due diligence on a 42-45-unit apartment building that will rent-control half its units for persons earning no more than 30% of AMI. It was assumed the city, county, and Dogwood Health Trust would pitch in $2 million each for the $8.3 million project later.

Commissioners Hear Three Sides of Soccer Issue

Having heard complaints from the Asheville Shield about playing field access, the commissioners listened to what ABYSA and county staff had to say.

Neighborhood Petitions Falling on Deaf Ears

Asheville City Council approved a mixed-use structure with 186 residential units for the former site of the Charlotte Street Fuddrucker’s. The developer will enjoy sixteen years of tax rebates for rent-controlling 37 of the units for families earning no more than 80% of Area Median Income.

Powermongering Ruins Anything

Whatever reforms are made to reimagine police departments won’t work without effective checks and balances to turn jealousy and power against themselves.

District Elections: They’re Back …

Partisan controversy over nonpartisan district elections has reared its ugly head again. This time, if successful, it would allow voters to select only one at-large candidate and one of the candidates running in the district where they reside.

Undaunted, COVID Continues to Inconvenience

Hopefully, perhaps unrealistically, the government is paying attention so the next pandemic will not involve a protracted string of changing inconveniences.

High Prices, Love the Housing

Asheville City Council went ahead and approved its new Urban Place Form Code District, which would require Ingles to build housing units should it ever need to renovate some of its properties. This is what a handful of developers and their legal representatives had to say.

City to Established Retailers: Build Housing

The City of Asheville is using its overbuilding of transit to justify requiring big-box retailers to build affordable housing on their premises. Councilwoman Sandra Kilgore said this wasn’t going to fly.