Leslee Kulba

Organized Crime Penetrates Retail Market

One way for cities to recruit business and increase revenues would be to invoke interventions against criminal activity; some local stores are really taking a hit.

Yelton Recounts Flaws in Housing Policy

Citizen Don Yelton told the commissioners that, rather than continuing to throw money at problems in ways that haven’t worked, government should try to teach responsible home ownership through sweat equity projects.

Asheville Government Pleased with Hotel Standards

Asheville City Council received an update on the city’s post-moratorium hotel standards, best-known for the community benefits requirement. Staff indicated things were working well, with only a few exceptions.

Reparations Should Involve Mind & Heart

Grant Millin, speaking during public comment before Asheville City Council, argued reason has taken a back seat, behind the good intentions of reparations proposals.

Mission CMO Against Staff Vaccination Mandate

HCA Medical Officer Dr. William Hathaway continues to build a case against needless compulsory vaccinations for hospital personnel urging commissioners review data  more closely.

US Spending Invokes Greece’s Euro Collapse

Under the Democrat spending plan, by 2031, the average American household would be responsible for $288,047 in federal government debt, and the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio would rival Greece’s before its economic collapse.

Preliminary Exploration of Public Stigma

A search for studies on the cost of stigma abatement in public policy turned up practically nothing. What was discovered was indications that government is generating stigma to “other” private-sector up-and-out ministries while offering refuge from that stigma in its own programs that nurture and reward dependence.

Buncombe Awards First $11.3M in ARPA Funds

Buncombe County received 141 applications for $50.7 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds. They announced the first $11.3 million in awards.

Civil Grand Jury to Hold Gov’t Reponsible

The Tribune received a tip about Constitutional action underway to cause the schoolboard to stop making children wear masks.

Too Much Money Falling from the Sky”

After the City of Asheville spent through its first tranche of COVID relief funding and into the second, the floor opened for public comment on how the balance of funds should be appropriated.