Leslee Kulba

Fred in Asheville: That Was Fast

Tropical Storm Fred wrought heartache for many, but its ravages in Asheville were largely cured overnight, thanks to years of investment in flood control by the City of Asheville.

Could This Explain Uneconomic Policy Decisions?

The bulk of pertinent research has demonstrated time and again that economic development incentives are costly to the issuing government and unfair to their constituents.

Buncombe Commissioners Slow-Walk Distributions

The Buncombe County Commissioners opted to extend the August 31 deadline for awarding ARPA grants. One exception was made to immediately fund Homeward Bound’s Days Inn project.

County, Hospital Disagree on “the Science”

Vaccine-only concerts, $100 cash card incentives, kids’ cartoon characters with swag, chastising HCA Mission’s chief medical officer - what won’t the government do to get people vaccinated?

Asheville City Council’s Housing Business

The City of Asheville continues to assume for itself a larger share of the local real estate market, particularly when it comes to providing subsidized housing.

Are Overarching Subsidy Programs Working Yet?

Stigma-free housing policies, now decades in implementation, have replaced a large, fluid middle class with a growing cliff between the lower and upper class.

Council Adopts Middle-Ground Noise Ordinance

While musicians and parents couldn’t see eye to eye on decibels, a good time was had by all as Asheville City Council tried to find a happy medium for its ordinance.

You Heard the Pros, Here’s Some Cons: Pre-K

In many high-dollar decisions being made by local government, the public is presented with only one side of the argument. While government is away on summer vacation, these commentaries will at least scrape the surface of the other side.

County Incentives Attempt Restoring Livelihoods

Buncombe County awarded economic development incentives to East Fork Pottery, which, as part of its expansion, will be employing and rehabilitating hard-to-hire individuals, like former violent offenders.

Big Government Exacerbates Its Exacerbations

While local government is on summer break, the opportunity is taken to talk about some supply-side economics for a change.