Leslee Kulba

Government Spending Conservatively Half the Economy

The International Monetary Fund estimates total government spending in the United States at almost half of GDP. This does not include costs of compliance with government regulation & opportunity costs shouldered by the private sector.

Chief: Crime Prevention is Everyone’s Job

With crime rates on the rise, Asheville Police Chief David Zack encouraged the public to excercize personal responsibility and look out for each other.

Defund Loses Zest as Asheville Budget Passes

Asheville City Council approved its budget with Kim Roney opposed. Roney wanted more equity and tax relief and would have preferred to freeze 30 police vacancies.

Commissioners Unveil Racial Equity Action Plan

Buncombe County’s new Racial Equity Action Plan introduces directives to recruit more employees of color.

Activists Disparaging Over $2 Million in Reparations

After Asheville City Council committed $2.1 million toward unspecified reparations, a handful of activists demanded another $30 million to zero out the police department’s budget. 

Fraternal Order of Police President Wants Adult Conversation about Policing

Local Fraternal Order of Police President Rondell Lance weighed in on the Asheville Police Department’s recently announced cuts in services. Lance says officers are quitting by the numbers because leadership is caving to protesters, whose requests will harm the community.

Asheville Buys Land for Purpose Built Community

Asheville City Council approved the purchase of land for the construction of a mixed-use affordable housing/transit development as one way of paying reparations for racism in America.

Asheville Bracing for Higher Taxes

The City of Asheville, like Buncombe County, couldn’t argue police cuts were driving a tax increase this year. Instead, the driver was new initiatives like reparations and reimagining public safety.

Buncombe Manager Recommends Tax Increase

Buncombe County property owners can expect a tax increase this year to help the county recover from COVID losses and move forward on commissioner strategic goals.

Study Recommends Larger, Multi-Use Libraries

Buncombe County’s library master plan recommends expanding or replacing several libraries with mixed-use county service centers and satellite operations like bookmobiles for disadvantaged areas.