Leslee Kulba

Council Halts Affordable Housing Construction Again

History repeats as Asheville City Council once again rejects a proposal that would make it easier to build affordable housing. The main reason given was that they wanted to get the results of a study on affordable housing before taking action.

Asheville “Got to Spend the Money”

Dennis Newburg, who now heads the City of Asheville's Community Development programming, requested amendments to the plans the city generates for spending HUD funds. The most controversial request was one to spend $300,000 redoing sidewalks because the city had to use unspent funds accumulating since FY 2018-19 - and fast.

Local Education Needs Work

Following a previous presentation on poor academic performance in local schools post-pandemic, the commissioners heard answers to their questions about which demographics were most adversely impacted.

Reparations & Fears of the Unknown

Rumors and allegations about the goings on in the Asheville-Buncombe Reparations Commission could not be confirmed, based on the most recent presentations at official city and county meetings.