Sydney Levitt

Bill Bowers: Fine Art and Mysticism

Bill Bowers is a self-taught artist, working and showing his works at Blue Dharma Fine Art Gallery in the Grove Arcade of Downtown Asheville. He combines many styles and applications into his practice; his studio is a serene and flowing landscape of paintings of all different subjects and scenes. From Zen Expressionism to Surrealism to […]

Jodi O’Hara’s Paintings Carrying Purpose & Hope

The main components of Jodi's paintings are birds in flight, humans covered in earth tones, powerful compositions, and dramatic but deliberate mark-making.

Izzy Losskarn’s Exhibition at Slouch: Hyper-realism & Gender Experiences

Izzy Losskarn's solo exhibition at Slouch Gallery in Weaverville, entitled "You’re Doing It Wrong," is an achievement by the emerging artist and is well worth the visit.