Bluffs’ Decision Derailed over “Slip of Tongue”

A rude comment during the Bluff’s development discussion derailed the meeting.

Commissioner Answers Questions About Ordinance

Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara answers questions about the proposed nondiscrimination ordinance. 

Ministerial Alliance Against Non-Discrimination Ordinance

The Buncombe County Commissioners took public comment on a draft nondiscrimination ordinance, which had been updated since Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara last spoke informally about it.

What You Need to Know as a Taxpayer

Taxpayers now have until May 17 to send off their 2020 tax returns and to claim a credit for stimulus relief they qualify for, but still face paying interest on their state tax if filing after April 15.

Wrestling with Reparations & How to Fund It

Discussion of reparations dominated Asheville City Council’s annual retreat. Sensing members of the public did not think the city was doing enough, City Manager Debra Campbell wanted to emphasize that council had not dropped the ball. She spoke about how 2020 had been unprecedented for city management. Noting she knew of no other city that […]

Questions Remain Unanswered about Proposed Non-discrimination Ordinance

A couple of weeks ago, the Tribune published an article on Buncombe County’s new non-discrimination ordinance, which Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara introduced.

Board Member Throws Hearing into Limbo

Board member speaks out of turn about her position regarding development project, sending meeting into disarray.

Council Can’t Control Its Wish List

At their retreat, members of Asheville City Council had difficulty whittling their expansive list of ambitions down to a package that was economically and technically feasible for staff to complete.

Alternative Offered to Charlotte St Development

Methvin and Dyer presented a new architectural plan as an alternative to the Killians and RCG plans for 100 block on Charlotte Street.

Commissioners: Need More Data on School Closure

The Buncombe County Commissioners mirrored dissatisfaction in their constituency over the management of Asheville City Schools (ACS). A lot of the dissatisfaction appears to have stemmed from a surprise announcement of the intent to close the Asheville Primary School.