Council: No Voluntary Annexation, No Water

The Town Council of Weaverville says if developers want water for a project, they should submit an application for annexation first.

Reparations: Now Two Years in the Making

It's been over two years since the Asheville-Buncombe Reparations Commission was formed. Accomplishments to date include seating members and working toward defining the problem.

Buncombe Election Officials Say Voting Went Smoothly

Buncombe County Board of Election Director Corinne Duncan reports that voting went "very smooth" in Buncombe.

Asheville Behind on Sanitation, Public Safety & Pickleball

From the pickleball fields to the woods behind the malls to Anywhere, Asheville, citizens were complaining Tuesday about a lack of sanitation and public safety.

City of Asheville Diverts Funds Meant for the Poor

According to a local watchdog group called WNC Citizens for Equality, the City of Asheville transferred hundreds of thousands of public money meant for legal help for the needy to a private organization linked to Vice Mayor Sheneika Smith.

Buncombe Reviews Affordable Housing Policy

Irony was lost on the Buncombe County Commissioners as they discussed how the government was going to create more affordable housing with bond and tax revenues, not by building it but by subsidizing the costs of administering government grants to that end.

Short-Term Rentals Take Center Stage at Woodfin Meeting

Residents and non-residents, both for and against short-term rentals, packed the Woodfin Town Council meeting this month.

Department Promotes Firefighters to Engineers

In the first-ever fire department promotion ceremony that the Tribune has ever covered, two Weaverville firefighters are promoted to engineers in a badge-pinning ceremony.

Continuance of Development Review Could Lead to Lawsuit

Woodfin's planning board could face a lawsuit after it continued its review of a 110-unit development on 16.93 acres.

Buncombe’s Plans for Solid Waste

Buncombe County's solid waste enterprise fund is trialing new ideas to extend the life of the landfill and contain greenhouse gas emissions.