Energy Community Status Sways Council

Another multifamily residential development for Long Shoals Road came before Asheville City Council. Unable to promise members of council their eleventh-hour requests for solar panels, bike infrastructure, subsidized units, density, tree canopy, and more, the developer agreed to continuing the hearing until December 12.

Tourists to Fund Housing?

The City of Asheville cannot apply for Tourist Development Authority funds for the construction of affordable housing this year because it has no shovel-ready projects. Buncombe County, however, has requested $6 million from tourist tax revenues to help build the $210 million, 645-unit development planned for Ferry Road. Councilwoman Sage Turner was vehement. She wanted affordable housing to be a part of every TDA grant request moving forward.

From Dysfunction to Productivity: How Tod Leaven’s Approach Can Transform City Council

Tod Leaven, a centrist candidate for Asheville City Council, aims to foster unity, prioritize community needs, and provide support to those facing adversity while emphasizing the importance of essential city services and promoting inclusivity.

County Attacks APD for Arresting Street People

In a discussion about reducing the jail population, the Buncombe County Commissioners took shots at the Asheville Police Department for arresting low-level offenders among the homeless crowds.

City Council Spends-Yet Infrastructure Fails

Asheville City Council approves nearly $200 million in spending for neglected infrastructure and facilities repairs and improvements that should be self-supporting. This spending is far outside of the budget and will cost taxpayers.

Fire Risks in Buncombe

A state of emergency was declared for Buncombe County and the rest of Western North Carolina as conditions were ripe for wildfires as bad as the one that overtook Party Rock in 2016.

Giving the Bear Some Space

An eight-mile stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway has been closed indefinitely because a bear cub has been hanging out with humans. Park rangers say this is dangerous, and they want the bear to have enough time to "lose interest" in the friendly overlook.

Hunter Promoted To Deputy Fire Chief

Hunter's journey from a young volunteer to a leader within the Weaverville Fire Department exemplifies a profound commitment to the well-being and safety of the community.

Buncombe County Election Season Results

The 2023 Buncombe County election sees low voter turnout and results in new winners for various town councils, the mayoral race, and the Woodfin Water Board, with Democrats and white voters showing higher participation rates.

Council Halts Affordable Housing Construction Again

History repeats as Asheville City Council once again rejects a proposal that would make it easier to build affordable housing. The main reason given was that they wanted to get the results of a study on affordable housing before taking action.