Protest Held Outside School Board Meeting

Parents continue to protest against the Board of Education over not being admitted in a group at the May 6 meeting.

Fraternal Order of Police President Wants Adult Conversation about Policing

Local Fraternal Order of Police President Rondell Lance weighed in on the Asheville Police Department’s recently announced cuts in services. Lance says officers are quitting by the numbers because leadership is caving to protesters, whose requests will harm the community.

Town Maintaining a Revenue-Neutral Tax Rate

Weaverville Town Council held its May monthly meeting with little input from citizens.

Asheville Buys Land for Purpose Built Community

Asheville City Council approved the purchase of land for the construction of a mixed-use affordable housing/transit development as one way of paying reparations for racism in America.

Towns Say County Threatened to Halt 911 Service

Buncombe County is threatening to cut off law enforcement dispatching, according to Woodfin and Weaverville officials.

Budget Leaves Tax Rate Same, So Taxes Going up Almost 10%

The Woodfin Board of Commissioners discussed the upcoming year’s budget.

Asheville Bracing for Higher Taxes

The City of Asheville, like Buncombe County, couldn’t argue police cuts were driving a tax increase this year. Instead, the driver was new initiatives like reparations and reimagining public safety.

Buncombe Manager Recommends Tax Increase

Buncombe County property owners can expect a tax increase this year to help the county recover from COVID losses and move forward on commissioner strategic goals.

Vote on E. Flat Rock Asphalt Mixing Plant Set for June 1

The long-debated issue of whether Henderson County should rezone to allow an asphalt plant to be built in East Flat Rock may finally near an end in a special meeting June 1st. Technical experts disagree on the facility’s likely environmental impact.

Asheville Council Approves Rate Increases

Asheville City Council approved increases in water and other rates for FY 2021-2022.