Reval Gets More Personable, High-Tech

The Buncombe County Tax Office is working to make assessments more accurate by helping citizens learn how to appeal valuations and keep their property cards up to date. They are also going to be driving a car around to photograph all buildings, and flying a plane to capture aerial views of all parcels.

Young is Ready To Serve Community

Young is no newcomer to Woodfin. "Having been a member of Woodfin for more than 20 years, I know this area, its history, and its people. I have seen much growth in often challenging times."

Grant Center Pool Opens

Asheville's Southside community has a new pool, which will remain open for about three more weeks this year. The pool was added to architectural designs for the Dr. Wesley Grant, Sr., Southside Center, and comes with space for community building as well as swimming.

Citizens Group Complains about Panhandling, Early Release

Members of the Asheville Coalition for Public Safety spoke at a Buncombe County Commissioners' meeting in search of partnership to help stave Asheville's crime wave in the wake of Reimagining the Police and the Great Resignation.

Woodfin Political Races Shaping Up

Woodfin political races will make the fall election something to watch.

Buncombe Explores Incentive Updates

The policy Buncombe County uses to guide awards of economic development incentives to corporations for capital investment and job creation has not been updated since 2017. Incentivizable high wages, therefore, have fallen out of alignment with the cost of living. Strategies to reward corporations for paying high wages, and paying them to persons with criminal records or in jobs training programs, were discussed.

Disregarding Road & Sidewalk Closures Just Got Costly

People in Weaverville might want to think twice before walking around barriers or driving around them to gain access to a closed road or sidewalk. At their July meeting, the Weaverville Town Council made it a $300 offense to do so after several incidents where it endangered lives. Before the council got to that issue, […]

Asheville City Council Puts Money Where Mouth Is

Asheville City Council has been earning a reputation for demanding affordable housing, but then finding reasons to thwart proposals brought before them. This time, when presented with an opportunity to award Land Use Incentive Grants to a developer of micro-apartments, the majority went against staff recommendations and approved the application.

Buncombe County Taxpayers Lose Advocate

Don Yelton, a tireless advocate for Buncombe County taxpayers and a relentless investigator of government corruption, passed away last week, leaving behind a legacy of uncovering wrongdoing and exposing the convictions of county officials such as former County Manager Wanda Greene, who was sentenced to seven years for federal program fraud, tax evasion, and accepting kickbacks.

Growth Shows No Signs Of Letting Up

Despite higher interest rates, the Town of Weaverville is experiencing significant growth, along with the North Buncombe area, and there are no signs of this growth slowing down. According to James Eller, the Weaverville Planning Director, the number of zoning permits issued during the second quarter of this year has increased substantially compared to the […]