Bulletproof: APD Secures Funding for Body Armor

Asheville Police Department honored with a proclamation to name May 12th through 18th, 2024, as National Police Week, and May 15th, 2024, as Peace Officers Memorial Day. They also got a yes vote for body armor from all but one city council member.

Are Housing Prices In Weaverville About To See A Bump?

According to a 2018 study by Harvard Business School, a Starbucks location like the one getting ready to open on Weaver Blvd. will increase housing prices by half a percent.

Sluder Running For NC 49th State Senate District

The list was long when the Tribune asked Kristie Sluder why she chose to run. Naming the transgender agenda in schools anti-Israel, anti-police, anti-parent, in short, she said it's the current occupier of the seat, Julie Mayfield, that's made her decide to run for the office.

Controversial Vance Monument: Tumblin’ Tumblin’ Down

"Demolition" was the word in this week's agenda briefings for Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commissioners.

Loyal Lifts: A Journey of Dedication

After surviving a rapid-fire onslaught of disabling health issues, one Weaverville resident did some soul searching and started his own business to live a more purposeful, service-oriented life.

Town Approve First Social District At Meeting

Camille Daniels, Event Assistant with the Weaverville Business Association, proposed a social district for the "Music On Main Street," which will allow local businesses to sell all types of alcohol to eventgoers during about a six-hour window during the event and be on the streets in a designated area on Main Street.

DEI: Correcting Inequity or Creating It?

On April 24, Leadership Asheville Forum held their monthly Critical Issues Luncheon at the Asheville Country Club on the topic “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Correcting Inequity or Creating It?” Legal expert Dr. Lucien “Skip” Capone discussed the history of formal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or DEI initiatives, criticisms and strategies to terminate the programs, and […]

Spring Plant Sale: A Blooming Tribute to Mom

Discover a botanical extravaganza at the Annual Spring Plant Sale on May 18th, where attendees can explore a variety of seedlings, starter plants, and gardening expertise suitable for enthusiasts of all levels.

Chief Michael Dykes Departure: Woodfin PD Leadership Transition Underway

Woodfin Town Manager Shannon Tuch addresses rumors surrounding Police Chief Michael Dykes' departure, assuring public safety and potential transparency under state laws. The arrival of interim Police Chief Kevin Pressley signals a new chapter in Woodfin's law enforcement leadership amid Mayor McAlister's tenure. Stay tuned as the town navigates through this pivotal moment of change.

Affordable Housing Programs: Raising Prices to Lower Them

Asheville City Council approved a package of loans that will be awarded from the Housing Trust Fund this year. The grand expenditure from the city's widening portfolio appeared to miss the message that about 100 people had come to tell them about another issue: Focus on protecting the rights of citizens and visitors to go about their harmless business without being accosted or worse. P.S. Quit raising the cost of living.