Council Approves Bike Lanes for College, Patton

On a 4-3 vote, Asheville City Council approved a road diet for the two main east-west streets passing through the downtown business district. In the process, staff was exposed for cherry-picking data and implying consent when consulted parties had voiced concerns. Many citizens complained about crime in the context of delaying emergency vehicle response times. A majority on council, however, was of the belief that progressive leadership runs experiments, collects data, and responds.

Crime Worse Downtown than in Public Housing

An update on crime rates in downtown Asheville indicated a recent police initiative had been effective. Members on council agreed there was much more work to do, whether through more law enforcement or social services.

RFK Jr Campaigns Asheville

Robert F Kennedy Jr wowed the audience at the Crowne Plaza Resort Hotel Expo Center on Sunday as he campaigns his way across America in his bid for President of the United States 2024.

Candidates for Weaverville Answer Questions

Candidates for the Weaverville Town Council answered questions put forth to them by the Tribune.

APD Officers Honored for Brave Service Under Peril

APD officers honored for bravery and saving the life of a young man while in personal peril.

Buncombe Requests Input on Ferry Road

Buncombe County is giving members of the public one more chance to comment on plans for a 650-unit residential development on county-owned land off Brevard Road in Bent Creek.

Candidates Answer Questions About Issues Facing Woodfin

Several Woodfin candidates for the town council answered questions posed to them by the Tribune. Here are their answers. Question 1: What do you see as the main issue facing your town, and how do you plan to handle it? Josh Blade The main issue facing our town is the balance of environment vs. development. […]

Teacher Raise “Not Enough”

Swiftly after the state budget was finalized, the Buncombe County Commissioners approved giving Asheville City and Buncombe County schools employees an average 2% pay raise, bringing the increase in the total local supplement to 7% over two years. With this, county spending on K-12 education increased 16.58% year over year. Citizens who spoke during public comment were not grateful, but argued the state and the county should be paying teachers much more.

Council Discusses Transportation Freedom

A discussion about creating bike plus lanes on major corridors downtown raised questions about safety, travel and emergency response times, accommodation for the elderly and disabled, and whose should have more freedom than others.

Department Moves Toward Non-Fossil Fuel Vehicles

The Weaverville Police Department consistently evaluates the current and future needs of both the police department and the town. When it comes to the patrol fleet, they take various factors into account, including usage, budget considerations, operational efficiency, and alignment with the town’s goals. Several years ago, a decision was made to transition the patrol […]