Corridor Links Biltmore Village with Downtown

The City of Asheville has a study (including a public survey online) on the corridors along McDowell Street and Biltmore Avenue.

Ammons Named Officer of the Year

Woodfin Police Department selected its 2020 officer of the year.

Bluffs Not On Agenda, But Here’s What Was

The Bluffs project was nowhere to be found on the meeting agenda, but several remarks were taken on the issue during public comment. 

County Plans for Future Waste

Buncombe County’s Solid Waste Director Dane Pedersen said operators of bioreactors, like the one at the Alexander landfill, are finding it more difficult to sell the electricity they generate to major utilities. So, a search is on for another way to keep Buncombe’s methane out of the atmosphere.

Commissioner wants more Money for Conservation

Buncombe County Commissioner Terri Wells would like to increase the amount of taxpayer dollars subsidizing conservation easements to $750,000 annually.

What Happens When Hotel Moratorium Ends?

Options for extending Asheville’s referendum on hotels have pretty much run out. To manage new construction, however, city council is considering allowing construction by developers who subsidize its general fund by supporting new governmental functions like building affordable housing, paying reparations, or supporting green and equity initiatives.

Vaccine Distribution in Question

Red counties may be being denied equal vaccine distribution, says State Senator Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) and Representative Jake Johnson (R-Transylvania).

“My Sister’s Vote was Stolen!”

A Henderson County woman alleges that her sister’s vote was fraudulently signed.

Cawthorn Announces Service Academy Nominations

Representative Cawthorn honored local students who have been nominated to a service academy.

Asheville Board of Adjustment, Working 9-9

In a routine update, Martin Moore, chair of the board of adjustment, informed the Buncombe County Commissioners that, after signing up for 2.5 hours a month, the board of volunteers was now enduring multiple monthly meetings, some lasting more than nine hours.