Senator Chuck Edwards- Updates from Raleigh

State Senator Chuck Edwards writes about his opportunity to improve the state’s election laws.

Follow-Up Questions on the LGBTQ Ordinance

The Tribune asked the Weaverville Town Council follow-up questions on the proposed LGBTQ ordinance.

NC Election Integrity a Rollercoaster

Voting is showing itself to be extremely important in these times. State Senator Chuck Edwards speaks on self-governance in this op-ed.

Town Takes Steps to Reduce Trailer Placement

Weaverville is taking steps to reduce modular home placement.

New Police Station Going Up Near 7th Avenue

Our first look at the new HVL Police Station construction, nearer than the current site to the high-crime part of town.

Town Discusses LGBTQ Ordinance

Weaverville Town Council considers an LGBT ordinance that would protect the rights of such individuals in the workplace.

Police recognition of Town’s 50th

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Town of Woodfin, officers of the Woodfin Police Department will be donning new badges for 2021.

Woodfin Fire Awarded Grant

The Woodfin Fire Department is getting some new equipment after receiving a grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

State Near Bottom on Distributing COVID Vaccine

Locals wondering when it will be their turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine might be in for a wait as the Cooper Administration seems to be on a slow rollout of the vaccine. 

County Readies for Surprises in Vax Rollout

Now in the vaccination stage, concerns have shifted away from isolation and PPE manufacture, distribution, and installation.