Town Gets $15M From State For Expansion

The state budget has allocated $15 million to support the water plant expansion project in Weaverville, marking one of the significant announcements. Additionally, a 586-unit development is seeking annexation into the town, presenting another noteworthy development.

Council Views Options for Civic Center

Asheville City Council was told it was time to fix the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in the Civic Center. City councils have been kicking the can down the road for over 30 years. Now, annual repairs average over $262,000, and ongoing limited-capacity operations are expected. Scenarios ranged from doing nothing to creating a spectacular Broadway venue for just under $200 million.

September Is Emergency Preparedness Month

Asheville City Council declared September Emergency Preparedness Month, and to celebrate, they're offering tips each week on their website.

Opioid Epidemic Races On

Dr. Shuchin Shukla, who is now working as a consultant for the county, says even with all the opioid settlement funding, the county is not keeping apace with opioid overdoses and deaths.

Affordable Housing Proves Too Costly – Again

As Asheville City Council continues to seek ways to build affordable housing on prime real estate downtown, they could not bring themselves to approve another proposal. Like others, its proposed means of paying for the subsidies were too out-of-scale and otherwise nonconforming with council's other visions.

Are North Buncombe Towns Becoming More Like Asheville?

Weaverville and Woodfin have been havens for those who wanted municipal amenities without the trapping of big cities.

Taxation without Representation?

Following changes to legislation allowing revenues from the Buncombe County occupancy tax to fund construction that will benefit locals as well as visitors, a coalition of Asheville Food and Beverage United, Asheville for All, Asheville Democratic Socialists of America, and Buncombe Decides, has been lobbying the Tourism Development Authority to subsidize affordable housing.

Reimagining Downtown for Equity and Inclusion

Since the removal of the Vance Monument, a group sponsored by Buncombe County and the City of Asheville has been visioning with members of the public to reimagine how the space will be activated for equity and inclusion.

County Tax Assessor Explains Reevaluation

Most residents believe reevaluation is a gimmick to increase one's property taxes, but not so, says the county tax assessor in a recent presentation before the Weaverville Town Council.

Fireworks And More Discussed At Council Meeting

Four speakers voiced their support for fireworks, and each of them was met with a round of applause by the majority of those in the room after their comment.