ABC Meeting Centers on COVID Vax Policy

The Weaverville ABC Board met to determine whether to offer employees bonuses for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Lawsuit Forces Asheville to Withdraw from Scholarship’s Racial Focus

The City of Asheville rewrote a number of scholarships designated for specific racial groups. 

Is Weaverville’s Water Getting Regionalized?

A Weaverville committee met to reconsider the $13.5 million water plant expansion, Weaverville may make water department a regional authority. 

Large Encampments Are Hotbeds For Crime

Large encampments, viewed as refuges for those dispossessed by COVID fears and policies, have become hotbeds for crime. Asheville’s gutted-out police force is now doing double-duty as social workers to connect campers to government services. Anarchists are willing to fight to keep people out of the system.

Buncombe Engages Redistricting Representation

Statewide redistricting remains in litigation, causing concerns over whether it will be possible to hold fair elections in a timely manner.

Woodfin Losing Another Longtime Commissioner

Four Woodfin Town Commissioners have either been voted out or offered their resignation in the past few months.  

Fire Dept. Announces Annual Award Winners

Two Hendersonville Fire employees were honored for their “above-and-beyond” service in 2021. 

Development Proceeding After Decade of Trouble

After more than a decade of trouble, a new developer hopes to build 120 town homes in Woodfin’s Walnut Springs development.

Town Planning Policy to Push Employees to Vax

Weaverville Town Council workshops on how to push town employees to get vaccinated. 

Annexation, Vaccination Discussed at Meeting

Town looks to use a “carrot and stick” policy to encourage employees to get vaccinated.