A “Blessing” That’s Also a Part of a Curse

American Rescue Plan Act’s (ARPA) funds Woodfin $2.14 million over two years. This infusion is helping the town fund a 17% budget increase.

Is the Asheville City Council Anti-Semitic?

The Asheville City Council, only a few years removed from having a fundraiser to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore the 120 plus year Vance Monument, has not only removed it but ordered its destruction.

10% Proposed Tax Increase Could be an Error

Buncombe County and several municipalities in Buncombe are planning to raise property taxes on its citizens.

Can we talk a little Economy 101?

Is the gas crisis the beginning of more shortages?

Are Elected Officials Using Pandemic as Shield?

When elected officials become unresponsive to the majority or minority, they have lost touch with the voters and no longer represent the people but rule them. They are not fit to be called public servants or hold office.

My Thoughts about a Couple of Things

Regarding the NDO, Weaverville sets a noteworthy example for their Asheville counterpart.

Think of Us As GMO-free

I would never discourage anyone from taking the “vaccine,” but what good is a “vaccine” if you still have to mask up even after you take it?

With a Little Help from Your Friends

News flash, councilwoman, we live in a representative republic, not a democracy. You were elected in a democratic way to represent the people and make a decision for them. Just listen to your constituents and represent them.

Press Forsakes First Amendment Obligation

So is it just me, or does it appear that the media covers Biden differently than they cover Trump?

Here’s a bit about a couple of things

Just a bit about a couple of things.