How to Tell if Something is Racist

Now its seems that the world is bent on living by nothing but seeing skin color.

The Anti-Establishment Become the Establishment

As our society becomes “woke” to the “evils” of southerners’ history, the Asheville City moves forward with demands by Asheville Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters from last summer, including removing monuments to slaveholders and the renaming of streets that bear the name of slaveholders.

Monopoly Anyone?

The game gave hours and hours of fun. However, a monopoly in real life is not so fun, especially when it interferes with your freedom of speech, as in the case of Twitter, Facebook and now Amazon. 

PS: Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I received an email from a former reader the other day. I say former as he was canceling his subscription to the paper because of somethings he read.

At this Point, It’s Just too Much to Ask.

Small business owners have had a lot to worry about this year. It has really been one worry after another for these small business owners who, in some cases, poured their entire life savings along with their heart and soul into their business. 

“May You Live in Interesting Times”

December is here with fewer than thirty days left in this deranged year, and most people say 2020’s end can’t come fast enough. I’ve heard that if this year were a dog, we’d need to put it down for having rabies. 

As Bad Or Worse Than Losing Second Amendment

Campaign For Free Speech found that 51% of Americans say the First Amendment goes too far—that’s right, too far—in allowing hate speech and should be revised.

Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving 2020, Everyone!

According to reports, COVID-19 is raging, and all our shutdowns and mask-wearing seems to be in vain.

Lawlessness must stop so that people can live their lives peaceably

On September 23, while exercising his First Amendment rights (freedom of the press) to cover another First Amendment right event (assembly), Skyline News’ Chad Nesbitt was seriously injured and remains in the hospital.

We’re all just looking for a little respect

Continual rioting over the weekend came as a result of local governments’ failing to “defund” police. This has lead to injuring the Asheville Police public image as more arrests of unruly mobs were conducted.