Human Trafficking Awareness Remains Weak

President Joe Biden proclaimed January Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and Buncombe County followed suit. The gist of the presentation of the local proclamation was that Buncombe County, being a tourist town, may be somewhat of a hotbed for human trafficking, but nobody gave any clues about the extent of the problem.

Buncombe Sheriff’s Spokesman Covers Up Protest

Buncombe County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Aaron Sarver has been caught distributing misinformation to the news media.

Employee Dismissal Hearing Allows No Defense Witnesses

In more than seven hours of testimony, during a grievance hearing, former employees of the city of Asheville were not allowed to present witnesses.

Guilty: Teacher Convicted of Assaulting Student

A two-day trial ends with the conviction of a special needs teacher found guilty of assaulting one of her students,

Out-of-State Anarchists Agitate Police Dept.

Anarchists supporting drug abuse in encampments for the homeless are trying to make trouble for the defunded Asheville Police Department. Citizens are trying to fight back with a referendum for a binding resolution to refund the department.

Organized Crime Penetrates Retail Market

One way for cities to recruit business and increase revenues would be to invoke interventions against criminal activity; some local stores are really taking a hit.

UCR Crime Statistic Tells a Different Story

Spurred by a press release from the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, the Tribune takes a closer look at crime stats. 

Now I Think I Can Say the Same for Asheville

Turning the clock back over the last few months revealed a spike in crime throughout Asheville.

House Fire Called “Incendiary” & “Suspicious”

Five fire departments responded to a structure fire near the intersection of Panther Branch and Old Marshall Hwy.

What was in Suspicious Package Detonated by SBI?

A suspicious package was delivered to Chad Nesbitt of Skyline News. Nesbitt believes the package to be part of a series of targeted attacks.