AdventHealth’s New Hospital Leaves Questions For Community

Unanswered questions about the new AdventHealth hospital leaves questions for community.

What Happened to the Apartments?

"The new owner of the properties in question is Advent Health Asheville, LLC, who acquired the properties back in February," said James Eller, Weaverville Town Planner, when asked about the new owners and when they acquired the property. "It is accurate that an apartment complex had been approved for the properties which are currently zoned R-3."

Mission Hospital: A View from the Inside

Mission nurses speak out about the challenges, and the recent second Immediate Jeopardy action from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

AdventHealth Prepares to Bring State-of-the-Art Medical Care to Buncombe County

AdventHealth plans to establish a cutting-edge community hospital in Weaverville, Buncombe County, offering advanced medical services to address the growing healthcare demands of residents in Buncombe and neighboring counties.

Mission Executives Can Overcome Challenges to Prioritize Patient Well-being

The irony of the Dogwood Trust is not lost. The funds squeezed out of the hospital in Mission's sale to HCA can be accessed by just about any nonprofit. Nevertheless, a blatant "social determinant of health" is living in a community where healthcare is disproportionately influenced by a dysfunctional hospital system, or rumors thereof.

Heart of Horse Sense

Here at Heart of Horse Sense, we are forever grateful for our dedicated volunteers who show up with great enthusiasm in whatever project is on the calendar. There’s always something that needs attention, whether it’s working outside on the property, gathering at the barn, assisting in the office, or helping with special events. Like all […]

New Substance Abuse Center Opens in Asheville

Ritual Recovery: A new substance abuse treatment center in Asheville, offering personalized outpatient programs with a mindfulness-based approach and a focus on individualized care to combat the escalating crisis of substance abuse in America.

Surging Prescription Costs and the Need for Consumer Strategies

Unable to guess the rules, and unable to pay for it all anyway, consumers question the point of pricing in today's hybrid socialist-capitalist medical landscape.

Misguided Washington Policies Endanger North Carolina’s Bioscience Boom

The biotech industry in North Carolina, one of the largest in the nation, is facing challenges due to new drug-pricing policies that inadvertently favor certain medications over others, leading to potential bankruptcy for some companies and limited access to new treatments for patients, highlighting the need for Congress to align drug development with medical science rather than unintended policies.

Mission Could Lose Medicare/Medicaid Funding

HCA/Mission Hospital poses "Immediate Jeopardy to patient health and safety," and could lose millions in federal funding for Medicare and Medicaid if they don't act quickly.