Rediscovering the Founding Father’s Thoughts on Church & State

Rediscovering the Founding Fathers' thoughts on church and state in their own words is explored in this article on American history.

Remembering Weaverville Raceway 1951-1959

There was a time when thunder would roar in the area around Flat Creek, but not from lightning. No, the booming sound came from cars-stock cars-being driven around an oval track at a furious pace by drivers pursuing one thing-a checkered flag. The time was the 1950s and the place was the Asheville-Weaverville Speedway. This […]

Into the Valley of Death: A Relevant History of Crimea

There are many lessons that can be learned from the Charge of the Light Brigade and the Crimean War, but the analogical question for today’s Russia-Ukraine War.

MLK Penned ‘I Have a Dream’ at Penn School in SC

The Penn Center near Beaufort, S.C. played a significant role in the Civil Rights movement.

Forgotten Places: Barnard in Madison County

Named for Job Barnard, Barnard County’s remote area dates back to 1830.

Opportunity to Visit Famous Thomas Wolfe Angel

Mary Jo Padgett is resuming Guided History Walks in Hendersonville, following Covid regulation as required.

Artists Reimagine 19th Century WNC in Tour

Conservationist and artist Doc Varn is recapturing 1870s illustrations of the French Broad area in a week-long trek.

Online Series Explores WNC’s Past

A local museum is offering a series on the region’s history.

Storage Wars Leads to Windfall of History

Storage Wars! Have you ever watched that show on A&E? Can you believe your museum, The Weaverville Dry Ridge Museum, was a part of that fantasy turned reality last week?

Leicester area is rich in interesting history

The Western North Carolina mountains are full of interesting histories about the area. However, the sad part is not many people, even longtime residents, know about that history or care.