Death Comes To All, Be Prepared

Last week we saw the devastation and death caused by earthquakes in Turkey, with more than 35,000 deaths related to those quakes that lasted a only a few seconds. Religion has been blamed for millions of deaths over the centuries. According to two sources, I found, the number has been about 200 million in the […]

Churches Failing in Preparing Members for an Ever-Increasing Hostile World

Critics and skeptics will always try to discredit Jesus and his deity. For myself, it is just another way I know that Jesus is the real deal. I’ve yet to see a book discrediting Muhammad, Buddha, or any other religion’s messiah anywhere on the best-seller list. However, authors, filmmakers, scientists, and atheists are all lined […]

The Great Flood: Myth or Fact?

Is there any evidence of a worldwide flood? There is if you look.

Genesis an Important Foundation

As one of the most attacked books of the Bible, can Genesis be believed, or is it nothing more than a fairy tale?

Reflections on a Christian or Pagan Holiday?

Are Christians really celebrating a pagan holiday when they celebrate Christmas?

Do Most Christians Have Blind Faith?

Most Christians cite one of two reasons why they are Christians. First, they were raised in the faith. The second is that they had an experience they note as the reason for being a Christian. Many would call this blind faith. These people can’t tell you about their faith or why they believe it. Their […]

Scientific Discoveries the Bible Knew Before Science

While the Bible may not be a science book, it does contain scientific facts known centuries before science.

Turning Tragedy into a Tribute

The Hunt family has been chosen by Woodfin to have the coming whitewater feature named in honor of their son, Taylor.

Asheville-based Crossfire Ministries Celebrating 30 Years

Randy Shepherd celebrates three decades of ministry of service to its community. n

Local Church Celebrates 100 Years in Community

The First Baptist Church of Weaverville is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its establishment of the church this month. A celebration is planned for the weekend of July 15th through the 17th.