The Battle for Scriptural Authority

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is already destroying our military and educational institutions. Now it comes for the Church.  

WNC Natives React to Chauvin Sentence

Chauvin’s recent sentencing garners various opinions about how people should approach the subject.

There’s No Middle Ground

Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society is now called racist and replaced by Critical Race Theory. In our modern world,  it increasingly seems you’re now racist just based on the color of your skin.

What Freedom Means to Kids

“In some places without freedom, girls aren’t allowed to go to school,” says Haley, age 8. “The only people I can think of who would like that are the boys! Boys in our class torture us!” One time I asked a girl about the same age as Haley why God created boys. “So you could […]

Critical Race Theory: Unchecked Social Justice

Exploring the poisoned chalice of Critical Race Theory.

Citizens Again Denied Rights by School Board

Concerned parent Tamara Parker believes the Board of Education is restricting first amendment rights. 

Ex-NAACP President Condemns Monument Destruction

WLOS Channel 13, in its reporting on Thursday, May 3, 2021, tried to put a spin on the criminal actions of the City of Asheville in complicit with the Buncombe County Commission.

Consider These Things Before Higher Education

There are many benefits to not pursuing higher education. 

Biden Doing Victory Lap for Trump’s Vaccine

So congratulations to former President Trump and his team for getting us to where we are today!

NDO Pushed Through, Without a Real Conversation

Beach-Ferrara listed many harassments which most seem like they could be addressed by laws already on the books.