Preying on Fears Rather than Relying on Facts

Weaverville Councilwoman Catherine Cordell made her best “fear over fact” pitch reminiscent of John Lennon’s Imagine song. Her cause? Changing the traffic pattern around Lake Louise to a one-way street. 

Are Public Schools Too “Woke’ for Children?

What is keeping the interest level so high in homeschooling?

Context on Russia-Ukraine War Issues

International tensions are only growing with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. 

May God Bless Symon

A letter about a Ukrainian boy in Henderson County.

…But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express

Covering the City of Asheville’s Civil Service Grievance Board hearing last week on the dismissal of five employees over the city’s COVID-19 policy, I was reminded of a series of Holiday Inn Express commercials. 

When the Foundations are Destroyed

A look at what is destroying our country from a spiritual perspective and what can be done about it.

‘Code for Asheville’ Cashing In on Cause Celebre

Speaking during public comment at the last Asheville City Council meeting, regular Jonathan Wainscott described what was going through his mind. During the previous meeting, he watched what appeared to be a staged power play, but with nobody taking credit or offering an interpretation of the events.

Turmoil Can’t be Good for Faith in Government

I first told the Weaverville Town Council, and then the Woodfin Town Commissioners, in commentaries last year that I’m not a fan of appointing people to the boards close to an election. Weaverville has gotten away with it twice, once with Jeff McKenna and then with John Chase. Woodfin Dilemma And now, Woodfin’s appointment has […]

Our State Remains a Battleground

In each recent election, North Carolina has proven to be a contentious state between Democrats and Republicans. 

From Senator Edward’s Desk in Raleigh

Revenue in NC from military-related items is now at $66 billion annually and with 775,000 retired veterans living here, we are the 8th largest retired military population. It is our duty to support this critical leg of our economy, our national security, and those who serve us so gallantly.