The Death of Intellectual Honesty Part II — The Racial Side

For the first time in my life (admittedly a short one compared to others; mine began in 1957), we receive alleged facts and statistics that are almost exclusively biased from sources that formerly were relatively trusted.

Council Doubles Down in War on Economics

The government mandating prices to be anything else introduces intentional market distortions, which have the unintended consequence of misallocating resources.

The Death of Intellectual Honesty

This guest commentary examines intellectual honesty in our times..

Has Anyone Seen the Supply Side, Yet?

COVID, economic devastation from the government’s response, rioting provocateurs, and more rock-bottoms falling out expected for 2021 have forced even limited-government types to look to Big Government solutions for their daily lives.

Hiding Truth a “Monumental” Mistake

I was born at a very early age. So were we all. But never forget that we are all ancient. We carry within us the DNA of oldness. That legacy goes way, way back. Don’t believe me, believe science. What does this have to do with the location of Asheville’s monument to Vance? He is […]

Magnifying What’s Charitable & Humane

On September 2, President Trump announced his intention to create a commission to give students a “patriotic education.”

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

As of this writing, conservative media outlets continue to express optimism that Donald Trump will remain president for the next four years.

COVID-19 Reality Versus Public Policy

Political Agendas Are Distorting Public Perception and Policy.

Christmas letters to God?

I asked children to write a letter to God about what Christmas means to them as part of the Kids’ Christmas Art Contest.

Accepting the Greatest Christmas Gift

In heaven, Jesus had the deserved honor and glory of myriads of angelic hosts, yet he entered this world in the humblest of circumstances. No trumpets sounded that night in Bethlehem when God the Son took on flesh as a vulnerable baby.