The First Rule of Public Information Officers: Never Lie

Along with being a reporter, editor, and publisher for the newspaper, I also volunteered for years as a public affairs/public information officer with the Civil Air Patrol. For those who know nothing about the Civil Air Patrol, or CAP for short, it is the official auxiliary of the US Air Force. They have a rank […]

Confederate Memorial at Arlington Cemetery to be Dismantled

An independent commission is recommending that the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery be dismantled and taken down at a cost of $62,450,030.

Asheville Water Crisis: Lack of Leadership Where it’s Needed

It’s said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The question is, what did the leadership of Asheville do while nearly 40,000 went without water over the holidays? Of course, the notion that Nero fiddled is just that, a notion, as the fiddle was not invented until the 11th century. If Nero played any instrument, it […]

Exchange Between Council & School Superintendent Refreshing

Last week, Dr. Rob Jackson, the new Buncombe County School Superintendent, made appearances at the Weaverville and Woodfin Town Council meetings.  Jackson’s story is an interesting one. According to information on his background printed in the Weaverville Council agenda, Jackson, “a native of Buncombe County…[he] grew up and attended school in Swannanoa. After serving in […]

Buncombe County Bonds? This is What I was Talking About

A few months ago, I wrote a commentary against supporting the bonds for Buncombe County, which were up for a vote in the November election. Apparently, a majority did not agree with my position, since both bond referendums passed by comfortable margins. The Open Spaces Bond of $30 million was the more popular of the […]

Homelessness: Sad Now But Terrifying Later

All of the homeless camps around town, the vagrant panhandlers at stop lights, and other people wandering around outside, seemingly lost, can overwhelm any well-intentioned person's desire to help.

“Pandemic Amnesty?” I Don’t Think So

Emily Oster proposes a sentiment for the country that beckons both forgiveness for our social behavior and the US government's overreaches during the "stop the spread" campaign during COVID.

The Routinization of Bear Killings

The long days of bloodshed are upon us, and with them come the weapons of autumn. In our national forests belonging to all tax-paying American citizens come mostly men and some women, armed to the teeth, are accompanied by bony hunting hounds deprived of food in the days prior to the hunt in order to […]

300% Increase Justified Because of Council’s Privileged Past

As a member of the Woodfin Town Council, it is my sincere hope that our citizens take pride in the many superlatives that are correctly applied to our town. Woodfin is undoubtedly one of the safest and most naturally beautiful municipalities that one can find across the state. I suspect, however, that the average resident […]

Voting For a 300 % Pay Raise: Political Suicide or Strategy?

At the prompting of Woodfin Vice Mayor Jim McAllister and Councilman Eric Edgerton, a discussion about increasing the pay for the mayor and the council members was placed on October’s council agenda. Before the meeting concluded, the two, along with their female counterparts on the board, voted to give the mayor and council a 300 […]