APD Chief Zack Discusses Staffing, Reputation

Asheville City Council's annual retreat provided an unexpected opportunity for Police Chief David Zack to discuss what he thinks he needs to get the force adequately staffed.

Council Discusses Policing, Sanitation

Spurred by angry neighbors, Asheville’s Mayor Esther Manheimer opened an informal discussion with city council members about vagrancy, trash, obscene behavior, criminal activity, and more around the AHOPE Center.

Out-of-State Anarchists Agitate Police Dept.

Anarchists supporting drug abuse in encampments for the homeless are trying to make trouble for the defunded Asheville Police Department. Citizens are trying to fight back with a referendum for a binding resolution to refund the department.

Is Asheville Planning More Police Defunding?

To date, the City of Asheville appears to have done little, besides conveying a sense of withdrawn support, to appease the vocal minority clamoring for defunding the police. Strides in that direction were, however, swiftly taken to comply with new state legislation.

Powermongering Ruins Anything

Whatever reforms are made to reimagine police departments won’t work without effective checks and balances to turn jealousy and power against themselves.

Chief: Crime Prevention is Everyone’s Job

With crime rates on the rise, Asheville Police Chief David Zack encouraged the public to excercize personal responsibility and look out for each other.

ROAR Response to County’s Pro-Law Resolution

An interest group issued a statement of disapproval of the Madison County Sheriff’s recent hiring of a fired APD officer.

“Madison Doesn’t Want Any Part of Asheville”

Madison County residents vocalized their support for law enforcement.

Assault on Reporter Case Remains Unsolved

On September 23, 2020 Leicester resident and local journalist Chad Nesbitt was severely injured and hospitalized during a protest in downtown Asheville.

“Defund the Police” is not about money says Council members

Three months after the un-extended deadline, members of Asheville City Council approved a $134.7 million budget with another $65 million for enterprise funds like water and transit.