Celebrating Haywood Street Congregation

Haywood Street Congregations’s Downtown Welcome Table program aims to better the marginalized lives in the area.

In Case You Missed It

Super Bowl Halftim ‘Show’Stat: For those who thought the Super Bowl Halftime “Show” was great family entertainment...here are some stats about that particular ‘performance’

Looking Ahead with Leadership Asheville & John Ross

Local author John Ross spoke at the Leadership Asheville (LAF) virtual Forum. The presentation concentrated on the future of the French Broad River watershed, so that the right steps will be taken now to be sure it will sustain the human population for years to come.

Council Rejects Hilliard & Clingman Housing Project

Asheville City Council, for all its interest in creatively spending public dollars to create affordable housing, rejected a proposal that would have, without subsidy, rent-controlled nine affordable units for 20 years.

Local Ukrainians Angry with Putin’s Invasion

People born in Ukraine or of Ukrainian descent are coping emotionally with dangers imposed to their loved ones, including male civilians ordered to defend their homeland against invading Russians.

In Case You Missed It

Fact-checking on the internet­—can you trust everything you read? Also, NC removed hundreds-of-thousands of inactive voters from voter registration rolls.

‘Code for Asheville’ Cashing In on Cause Celebre

Speaking during public comment at the last Asheville City Council meeting, regular Jonathan Wainscott described what was going through his mind. During the previous meeting, he watched what appeared to be a staged power play, but with nobody taking credit or offering an interpretation of the events.

New In-Flight Announcement

Lighthearted banter and clear skies are what you’ll find aboard a Kulula Airlines flight.

Join an Avian Adventure: The Statewide Bird Count

A bird count commences this coming weekend to determine the number of species of birds in North Carolina.  Many educational activities are surrounding this event.

Council Divided Over Pedicycle Taxi Franchise

Asheville City Council is in the process of granting entrepreneur Jordan Hrivnak a franchise to operate a pedicycle taxi service downtown. Some members of council are balking because they’re afraid it would support tourists at the expense of locals.